Spa Services

Our skin care services, and body scrubs are customized to fit your needs and give you the attention you deserve. Our facial services are not only relaxing, but also repair and aid the skin to give you a glowing complexion.  Our wonderful and relaxing body treatments aid not only in skin repair but full body detoxification.  We offer a variety of massages all aimed at addressing your personal needs.

                                            WE PROUDLY CARRY THE FOLLOWING PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT LINES:
• Beauty Essentials • SkinMedica • Rhonda Allison • A-Cute Derm • Revita-Lash • Jane Iredale • Grande Cosmetics • ColoreScience • Crown Brush • and more
What is the difference between professional skincare versus what you can purchase at a drug or department store? By law, over-the-counter products do not contain the same amount of active ingredients as cosmeceuticals. Medical grade cosmetics contain higher amounts of active ingredients that are professionally recommended in a consultation and sold by a licensed Aesthetician or Doctor and cannot be bought over-the-counter. The biggest difference is not only the active ingredients used, but the level of penetration into the skin. Medical grade products have the ability to penetrate the top layers of skin, to where collagen and pigmentation  lay, as well as where new skin cells are produced. Since the loss of collagen and increased pigmentation ages us, using the proper active ingredients can improve and promote changes in the skin that over-the-counter products do not. Gift Certificates available (all come with applicable travel sizes for service purchased).