Facial Treatments


NEW! Derma Roller Treatment – $50.00
Add to any Facial – $25.00
Bio-roller is an FDA-approved skin care device. Regenerates skin without removing the dermis or damaging the epidermis. Improves skin’s elasticity and texture by promoting collagen formulation. 400% increase in absorption of active ingredients.

Bio-Ultimate Age Defying Facial in 30-45 days we will change the
way you perceive and feel about your skin. 

Micro-Current Facial – $200.00
Micro-Current re-educates or brings the muscle back to its original configuration. Technology is used to reverse muscle atrophy in stroke victims. Bell’s Palsy, and speed wound healing. Rapid Long Lasting Results, used to win World Champion “Face of the Future” contest! Includes appropriate exfoliation. A 5-phase, anti-aging treatment formulated to exfoliate, deeply rehydrate, restore, life and firm the skin on your face and neck. Provides immediate, non-surgical lifting and intense skin moisturizing that can last for days.

Microdermabrasion – $75.00         w/acid – $95.00  Hand – $25.00
After just one treatment skin tone and texture are improved, wrinkles are lessened, scarring is less noticeable and pore size is reduced. By repeating this process over the course of several weeks or months, more extensive problems can be addressed.
Add on to any facial – $25.00

Iontophoresis Elastin Infusion Therapy – $75.00
Add to any facial – $50.00
Amazingly the body does not make elastin after the age of 12. In other words, once the body has made elastin, it will make not that protein anymore. Discovered with plant biotechnology, the first genetically engineered product that replaces your body’s lost elastin.

Maximum Results Eye Treatment & Mask – $20.00
The ultimate eye treatment which incorporates oxygen and age-defying fruit acids to improve crow’s feet, drooping eyelids and bags under eyes.