Our Staff

Patricia Hunt, Owner / Medical Esthetician
I have been in this industry since 1976 and In Houston since 1984. For years my Clientele consisted of Houston’s elite… and many celebrities over the years! For the last 30 years I have built a very loyal clientele here in Houston. Yearly I take at least 100 hours a year of continuing education, making me a very knowledgeable medical esthetician! I perform many peels of different depths to the skin every month, and retail various products at very affordable prices.

Dusty  McKenna / Co-Owner / Makeup Artist
When it comes to a passion and talent for beauty, some are lucky enough to be born with it and others spend their entire lives learning the techniques and honing their craft. Dusty McKenna happens to be both. Born and raised in her mother’s Texas salon, Beauty Essentials Salon Medspa, Dusty spent her entire childhood practicing makeup on herself and her friends while gaining invaluable skin and beauty education from watching her mother, Patricia Hunt, perfect the highest quality salon and spa treatments. While most children spend weekends and summer vacations at the pool or the beach, Dusty and her mother traveled to world esthetic shows and beauty conventions to learn the latest techniques and gain exclusive access to brand new products.

To this day, Dusty continues her education to ensure her clients get top of the line service. As a certified airbrush makeup artist, Dusty has been professionally trained by Professional Airbrush Makeup Artist Brian Sutherby, Melanie Mills (owner of Gleam), Instagram Makeup Star @BrittanyBear and Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Artist @StyledbyHrush.

When you book a session with Dusty McKenna, you can be sure that you’re getting the latest techniques using the most well renowned products in the beauty industry. As well as second to none service from someone who knows just how important looking great for your wedding, special event or date can be.

Audra Tackitt / Massage Therapist

Why I became a Massage Therapist… I have a completely natural attraction to the art of massage. From the time I was a small child I have been massaging. It started with my dad, who suffered with diabetes.

I was always massaging his feet and legs. It continued with my children when they were babies. My grandmother chose me as her primary caregiver in her last 9 months of life, when there were no words to comfort her I could always massage her feet and hands. Over the years I have continued to massage friends and family. I have a servant’s heart, and was born to be a nurturer.

It took being laid off from the Oil and Gas Industry 3 times in 5 years to decide that it was time for a change. I was in the middle of giving my best friend a massage when he said “since you like to massage so much you should become a massage therapist” That seed took root and grew, he is the one that inspired me to begin the journey that has led me to you.

I believe in doing things you really believe in. It is my passion to massage and I let love infuse my bodywork with as much integrity as possible. When I do bodywork it is a form of meditation. The strokes just flow from the source. My hands never stop or hesitate not knowing what to do next. It’s magical. When someone trusts their body into my hands, I feel honored and privileged.

The hands-on, non-surgical methods I was trained in at Avalon School of Massage help alleviate such conditions as thoracic outlet syndrome; scoliosis; frozen shoulder; lateral or medial epicondylitis; lymphedema; femoral compression causing short leg; elevated, protracted, upwardly rotated scapulas … and many more conditions…

I have a desire to please and give. There is immediate satisfaction when the client arises from the table and gives you a spontaneous hug or with sparkling eyes tells you, “That was fantastic … the best massage I’ve ever had.” I became a bodyworker because I completely believe in the work and its ability to heal, which the body does by itself. I see myself only as a catalyst, nothing more, but needed.

Samantha Harris / Licensed Cosmetologist
Samantha is a licensed cosmetology instructor with 9 years of experience in the beauty industry. Her quality customer service, skill set, and attention to detail set her apart in this field. Her goal is to ensure that each client leaves the salon feeling beautiful and refreshed!

Amanda Hayley / Licensed Cosmetologist
Amanda is California raised and has been in the business for 22 years; with experience in owning salons in Washington, Colorado and Texas! Trained by the best for cuts, colors, blowouts and everything else beautiful, she also has experience working alongside the stylists who are responsible for giving celebrities like Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, and others their signature looks! She currently is in the process of opening another business in Nashville to be a celebrity stylist there as well as working on the clients she adores here in Houston! This is her passion and she loves every part of being a professional licensed cosmetologist.