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The payroll processing center

Core features:


  • Calculates each employee’s pay, along with taxes and other deductions
  • Allows for a variety of pay methods, including hourly, salary, flat rate or piecewise commission with different commission levels
  • Each employee can have an individual pay method
  • Supports W2, W3, and 1099 tax forms
  • Supports 401K, CAFE and other retirement plans
  • Monthly, quarterly, and yearly totals are accumulated
  • Prints payroll checks
  • Advanced accounting features are integrated directly with QuickBooks.

Why this is good for your business:

  • Spa/Salon Manager provides accurate calculations where precision is needed most – your business finances
  • Attract and keep more quality employees by offering them the compensation structure they want, on an individual basis
  • Makes payroll processing quick and easy. Whatever can be automated is automated
  • It enables you to do year-to-year comparison of profit and loss without an accountant

How it works:

  1. Enter starting and ending dates
  2. Select employee’s name
  3. Gross pay is calculated from service, retail and hourly information. Time card information is automatically loaded from the time cards while the commissions are automatically available from the point of sale transactions entered
  4. The system calculates taxes and other deductions
  5. Payroll checks can be then printed out.

Payroll - Training Video

About Us

Fueled by our infinite passion to better address the needs of our customers, we've been adding to the simplicity and depth of the Spa/Salon Manager since 1985. Today, our most advanced version wraps all the Spa/Salon bookwork into a beautiful package that is exceptionally easy to use.

Premium Features

Here are just a few of the many premium features you get with the Spa/Salon Manager system: