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1 Employee


$19.95 / month/month


10 Employees


$49.95 / month/mo


20 Employee


$79.95 / month/mo


Booth Rental

$19.95 + $10

per user / month/mo


*Limited 30-day free trial.
  • No software to install
  • Access to all Just-Appointments power features
  • You can add employees at any time  to any version for $5 per month
  • Free support for life
  • Unlimited business data storage and computing resources
  • Automatic backups
  • Data encryption
  • Automatic updates
  • Available everywhere Internet is available
  • Works on a Mac, PC, iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Tablets
  • Works with Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome


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Fueled by our infinite passion to better address the needs of our customers, we've been adding to the simplicity and depth of our salon and spa software since 1985. Today, our most advanced version wraps all the spa and salon bookwork into a beautiful package that is exceptionally easy to use.

Premium Features

Here are just a few of the many premium features you get with the Spa/Salon Manager system: