What is Microblading?

Also know as 3D Hairstrokes, Micropigmentation or Eyebrow Embroidery,  Microblading is a relatively new, innovative and permanent makeup procedure. The microblading technique is done using a disposable manual tool comprised of very fine needles to deposit pigment into the superficial layers of the epidermis. By using the microstroking method, we are able to create the most natural looking hair strokes throughout the brow, leaving you with beautiful brows. We customize procedures to each individual by taking time to select the proper shade, shape and thickness to fit your face.

How long does the service take and last?

Each service will require a minimum of two 90-120 minute appointments. After your initial service a follow-up is often required no sooner than 8 weeks to perfect any details of your new brows. Permanent makeup is a process. There is no way of knowing how well each individual will retain color. Always be mindful that more follow-up appointments may be needed depending on each individual. Your new brow look can last up to 1-2 years. Color Boosts are required as needed (usually every 1-2 years) to prevent natural fading.

Microblading is NOT recommended for those who:
• Are prone to keloid skin
• Are taking Accutane (must be off of Accutane for at least 1 year)
• Have severely oily skin
• Have heart conditions, pacemakers and defibrillators
• Have auto-immune disorders
• Have Hemophilia
• Are taking ANY blood thinning medications

NOTE: If you have OILY skin, pigment may not take as well, causing need of more follow-up appointments. Pigment may also appear solid, looking more like a shaded brown instead of hairstrokes.

All appointments are booked pending an evaluation and consultation. Consultation fee is $50 and is applied to your microblade service. Consultation fee is non-refundable.

1) Consultation appointment
1) Application appointment
1) 7 day follow-up
1) 30 day enhance appointment (if needed)

Eyebrow Microblading consultation $50

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