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Swoop Artists

Jeff Cunningham
Owner of Swoop Salon / Colorist

Jeff has been a colorist in Seattle for 25 years. Many of Jeff's accomplishments include being a salon leader, a creative team member, and an educator. Jeff's many talents and specialties include Balayage, hair extensions and many forms of retexturizing such as keratin blowouts and thermal reconditioning. Jeff prides himself on maintaining a consistent and well balanced color while keeping hair healthy and shiny.

Kim Fuchs
Specializing in Haircutting and Coloring

Experience: Kim Fuchs has been in the business for over thirty years. Kim has extensive training in advanced haircutting. Her advance training began at The Gene Juarez Salons where she worked for thirteen years. While working at this company, Kim taught advanced haircutting and was the design leader of her Salon. Kim fronted a continuing education program at her salon and continued teaching in the program. During this time Kim learned the teachings and philosophy's behind the French haircutting techniques from the best teachers in the business; she became proficient enough to teach it for not only Gene Juarez, but other companies as well.
   Kim lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota for four years attending the University of Minnesota where she earned a bachelor of science degree in psychology and social work. While attending College, Kim also worked for the Horst Salons. Horst was the founder of Aveda. During this period, Kim continued with her advanced training in haircutting along with learning hair color techniques.
   After Kim graduated from College, she moved back to Seattle where she continued in the hair industry. During this time Kim learned how to do hair extensions from an internationally known teacher based in L.A. and in Amsterdam. Kim worked for The Cristy Carner Salon in Freemont as a sole-proprietor before she found her perfect location for her own salon - Swoop! While at Swoop, Kim earned accolades from Seattle Magazine and Allure Magazine for her haircuts and natural styling.
   After over 10 years, Kim sold the Salon to current owner, Jeff Cunningham who has worked at Swoop for over a decade. Kim continues to work at Swoop and gets to devote all of her attention to her clientele.

Philosophy: Kim believes that hair should be fun, not scary or intimidating. Hair not only changes with the fashion seasons, it is something that can change daily depending on the individual's mood, clothing, and even the weather. Kim takes a natural approach to hair; it is not enough to keep clients current with styles that enhance their features, but their hair also needs to be manageable enough to go with daily changes. Kim teaches her clients to embrace their hair, and then play with it!

Kristina Ragde
Hair Color Specialist

Over 10 years with advanced training from Gene Juarez Salons
Kate Gardner
Haircutting Specialist


I have over 12 years experience with advanced training from Gene Juarez Academy, Seattle. Bumble and Bumble advanced academy NYC. DiPiettro Todd Advanced Academy, San Francisco. I love doing hair and getting to know my clients! I enjoy making my clients feel good as well as arming them with the educational tools to be successful with their hair at home.
Roxanne Tisdale
Designer for over 30 years

Experience: Roxanne has been devoted to her career as a Designer for over 30 years. The majority of Roxanne's tenure as a Stylist has been at the Gene Juarez Salons where she worked behind the chair, created with the Artistic Team, and taught advanced training.
   One of Roxanne's biggest accomplishments come from molding the advanced haircutting program. ...and then running and teaching it at the Advanced Training Center! Roxanne continues to teach advanced haircutting, but now also gets to share her skills with clients at Swoop!

Roxanne's Schedule: 
Tuesday and Thursdays 12:00 - 7:00pm
Tiffany Schleder

Tiffany has been in the beauty industry for over 17 years.  She was written up in Allure Magazine for best brow shaping in Seattle.  
   She specializes in stylized brow and facial waxing, as well as full body waxing that makes even the most modest feel completely comfortable.  
   Tiffany is truly passionate about making each client look and feel amazing inside and out.

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