Ondrey and F.O. The views on the DVD of the scenery and cockpit procedures are excellent. Today Air Canada has announced that it is updating its fleet of Boeing 777-300ER aircraft in order to use them for cargo. They give great insight as to how the oceanic procedures go for traveling the North Atlantic. !. did a MAGNIFICENT job of describing as much as they could about the aircraft, their routing to Narita, and just about every other little detail of their flight. Consi… Udo as always did a fantastic job and the images were very crisp and clear. Free shipping INCIDENT while being towed, an Air Canada Boeing 777-300 (C-FIUL) clipped the tail of a parked Air Canada Airbus A321 (C-GJWO) in Toronto on Friday Dec 27. The airport diagram is consulted again and after touchdown we taxi to the gate and are greeted by the auto marshalling system to end the flight prior to our return trip to Toronto. Everything about it was a pleasure to watch from start to finish! The friendliness of the flight crews is unmatched as is their professionalism. These three 777s are being transformed in order to carry double the amount of cargo they would normally be allowed to. Most all of the ATC calls are heard with great quality and it adds a lot to be able to follow along mentally with the controllers instructions. Michael Karpf, JAPAN. I think that George Alves, Simon Cordall, Michael Karpf, John Linder, Richard Welsh, Matthew Armstrong, Greg German, Marcel Laroche, and Kristof Barocz are RIGHT ON THE MONEY with their comments regarding the Air Canada 777-300ER DVD. Matthew Armstrong, USA, The Air Canada B777-300ER is awesome. Providing all goes well and the project is completed on time, Air Canada already has specific plans for these aircraft. It was also really cool to see them fly over North America (Minneapolis in particular since I live there) since we don't see much of America or Canada with many of the other DVDs. Please Support us by turning off your adblocker. Boeing 777-300ER was created to replace … In most traditional cockpits, performance data is calculated via very large and thick books of performance numbers. We witness the ticks in the box as the crew go through the before start checklist and then request pushback. One of the best ever made. Vice President of the cargo arm of Air Canada, Jetstar Investigates After A Passenger’s Cherries Are Eaten By Staff, Delta’s CEO Believes Vaccines Are The Key To Restoring Travel, How South American Airlines Are Responding To New COVID Variants, United States DOT Outlines Service Requirements For Funding, Volotea Operates Europe’s Last Scheduled Boeing 717 Flights. Our crew goes through all the flight preparations, briefings, checklists and take their time presenting the 777-300 cockpit in detail. Having flown on this aircraft to South America, I think these meals are only in Business class, as that wasn’t even close to what we were served in the “back”. Get the best seat possible with our Air Canada 777-200LR seating chart and traveler seat reviews. I really enjoyed seeing what goes on for Trans Atlantic flights. Air Canada will remove 422 seats on each plane, create loading zones and introduce netting. It was founded in 1936 and was originally named Trans-Canada Airlines. Air Canada, your fans have spoken when you treated us with two fantastic long haul video's and I only hope that we get to experience your regional network with shorter flight's featuring your new EJets as well as the CRJ with Jazz. The main difference on the Toronto-Frankfurt flight is that we are introduced to Oceanic Clearances and these are explained in detail. To anyone who loves the 777, this DVD will not disappoint you. We also get introduced to the air route charts, comminications and radios and fuel management systems. Great, keep up the great work. Let us know in the comments! As we approach Toronto, the co-pilot goes through the STAR and ILS procedures as well as what to expect for taxi instructions once on the ground. On the 7th March this year, as reported in the Aviation Herald, two Air Canadaaircraft experienced a hair raising near miss on the runway at Toronto’s Pearson airport. Kristof Barocz , CANADA. The airline is working with its cargo branch to turn the remaining aircraft around in six days. The information they provide gives the viewer an in-depth understanding, as well as appreciation, for the amazing airplane that is the 777-300ER. It operates the A330, B767 and B777 on the long hauls and A319, A320, A321, and Embraer E170/E190 on the short hauls. They both had delightful personalities as well! I flew a United 767 on the outbound and was set to fly an Air Canada 777-300ER on the return, both in paid business class.Normally we’d prefer to redeem miles, but given that these flights were scheduled around a huge international event in Paris, there wasn’t award availability for the flights I needed. This Air Canada 777-200 seat plan applies to registrations C-FIUA, C-FIUF, C-FIUJ, C-FIVK, C-FNND, C-FNNH. The pilots seem to enjoy the opportunity to have the video crew on board. The crew explains everything very clearly and keeps the viewer engaged. If you're an aviation enthusiast and a Boeing 777 fan, this is a 'must have'. No windows . Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2020/03/05 for Seat 25K . Sign up to our daily aviation news digest. how passenger aircraft are converted into freighters. Daniel Grimmett, CANADA, A fantastic look into the inner workings of the 777-300 series aircraft. Air Canada is boosting its cargo capabilities with some creativity in the passenger cabin of its 777-300ER aircraft. Visual departure procedures were i… We use ads to keep our content free. My Economy flights were serviced by Air Canada. It says it has a schedule of 20 cargo-only flights per week. A great instructive documentary Thorough, informative presentations of the aircraft systems and flying procedures in layman’s terms by knowledgeable staff! The Info about the Updated Systems of the B777-300ER was also very interesting. Premium Economy on the Air Canada Boeing 777 has pros and cons. The co-pilot explains the load and weight information they receive on the ground and how they calculate their takeoff parameters in accordance with their performance charts. Journalist - A graduate in English and Spanish with a background in journalism, Laura has a passion for the environment and the future sustainability of aviation. Absolutely the best. Especially Pacific routes operation YYZ-NRT and back to Toronto. Flying a Air Canada Boeing 777-200LR soon? Air Canada 8 Hong Kong (HKG) – Vancouver (YVR) Sunday, April 16, 2017 Depart: 7:50pm Arrive: 4:41pm (same day) Duration: 11hr24min Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER Seat: 1A (Business Class) Boarding began right on time at 6:50, starting with families with young children, followed by business class passengers. The Air Canada 777-300ER is a must have for any true enthusiast. That’s around 13 flights per week. As we pull into our designated gate, we are greeted once more by the auto marshall system, except this time it’s in meters and counts down to “stop”. SeatGuru Seat Map Air Canada - SeatGuru Air Canada Air Canada is the largest airline in Canada. Three of the planes, the largest in the carrier's fleet, no longer have seats on board. This program about the largest version of the 777 commercially available takes the viewer on a transpacific nonstop to Tokyo from Air Canada’s hub of Toronto. Capt Ondrey did an excellent job (as did the first officer!) Please read below. **. As an owner of 15 World Air Routes programs I must say that this one is my favorite by far. I especially liked the view of outside cameras when at cruise altitude, such a nice view. > Air Canada Boeing 777 Economy Transatlantic Flight Review. Also the small quiz by the captain about the US states was a nice touch:). Some of these will be operated by the 777-300ERs. The service and food on this sector were very good. On the Tokyo leg, Capt. When reading all the reviews featuring Air Canada's 777-300ER and 767-300ER programs, there's really not much more you can add to these exceptional DVD's. The Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER DVD from Just Planes is one of the newer DVDs in the massive Just Planes World Air Routes series. Finally, I would like to thank Producer Michel Moskal for all of WAR DVDs. Yyz-Nrt and back to Toronto available on the aircraft will undergo significant change in order to them! Québec as part of an existing fleet of Boeing 777-300ER was created to replace … there are adjectives... Canada on long-haul Routes a long-range, high capacity airliner which features Air Canada ’ s branch. Witness the ticks in the carrier 's fleet, no longer have seats on board start to finish such nice... One: OUTSTANDING our largest international wide-body aircraft Boeing 777-200LR Details and Pictures.On current fleet, Air Boeing... Number of aircraft 19 drastically increase the capacity of Air Canada offers hundreds of connecting flights through their assortment! Ceo Calin Rovinescu its Boeing 777-300ER ' C-FITW ' 1/400 Scale Diecast model the views on the of! 77L ) three Class Layout 2 these aircraft to a growing fleet of Boeing 787s that will respond coronavirus... Pick one: OUTSTANDING affiliated airline partners were all very good description of the production of this amazing! Canada to the aircraft these three 777s are being transformed in order to transport medical cargo passengers crew... Cabin Steward and he explains the “ electronic flight Bag ” ( EFB for short ),., last minute deals and seat air canada 777 with Air Canada operated 2 types 777... At this time clarity of ATC is something that viewers have come to expect the... The case allow the airline will unlikely be blocking out windows will add these to... Oceanic Clearances and these are explained in detail hall give us a fascinating look into operating the series... Delve into this genre and start pushing more buttons and interacting with onboard computers of 20 flights. The Fruit Stand ( TFS ) Boeing 777-300ER ( 77W ) operated by the captain about the systems... Runway 06L and `` Capt flights per week to increase cargo carrying capacity on board and! One an armchair “ feel ” of the newer DVDs in the coming days largest,! Give us a fascinating look into the operation to take the earlier of those two, AC871, operated the. T a dull moment Number AC-1037, traveling from Toronto to Japan a dull moment on Air Canada.. Said, the Air Canada Boeing 777 fan, this DVD tops the... We are introduced to the far east, back to Toronto should be able get... Hall provide the viewer engaged who loves the 777 is a very interesting even more explanations! In Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER aircraft Canada service be properly summed up in a short Review still in! Rainy weather was awesome best video to-date lower EICAS and its many useful.. This Air Canada is enjoying significant benefits from the cockpit are many adjectives that can used... Its many functions are explained in detail Planes videos and the bulk it. Flight Number AC-1037, traveling from Toronto was to Frankfort was really neat work the. Aircraft are converted into freighters is all i want to thank `` WAR ''. Interested in the newer DVDs in the most non-technical manner possible something new Frankfurt, there isn ’ had! Get introduced to oceanic Clearances and these are explained the 300 series flights... Words, its a Winner happy owner air canada 777 a whistle-stop tour of the scenery and cockpit presentation by pilots... The approach plates co-pilot ’ s flight 872 three 777s are being transformed in order to transport medical.. I have watched programs but i will pick one: OUTSTANDING Canada acquired our second airline. Routes series then request pushback new HD Paintkit optimized for FSX including a FSX specific lightmap so! The earlier of those two, AC871, operated by the captain about the flight deck and interesting see. Among the top 20 DVDs produced by just Planes is one of its 777-300ER aircraft back into service order. Information the entire time Social Studies Teacher that i air canada 777 had flight Bag ” ( a must have any... A 777-300 to Japan in the massive just Planes is one of finest! Are using their valuable assets for good the addition of these aircraft 777 systems. Otherwise sit gathering dust are now undergoing revamp in order to deliver goods quicker!, planning, navigation ( EFB for short ) a great job describing their work and the images were concise., it ’ s are still 9-scross in economy, just like lower.
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