I REALLY APPRECIATE IT I HAD TO REPLACE THE RIGHT ARROW KEY. Set up a Favorite Search, but any suggestions, in the meantime?! THANKS so much, it looks as good as new and does not wobble. Thank you VERY much for your instructions! Thanks again. It was too easy for me to fix it as I had the retainer intact. Thanks alot!!! i have a HP special edition computer and the clips on the keyboard are different to the ones shown plz help. It’s well appreciated. Helped a lot and saved me $30, thanks a lot! However, I have tried and tried, and cannot get the key with retainer attached to snap back in place. Put the space bar key back in place and gently press on it with fingers until it snaps back in place. My space key all of a sudden stopped working today. You rock! now i dont have to worry about fixing it again . Thanks so much my little boy wrecked 3 keys…and you helped me fix them! Thank you so much! Its so simple when you know how!!!.. I was really stressed about the thought of having a missing key for any extended period of time. I cannot tell what is wrong without looking at the key. THANK YOU!! Thank you so much! Now I’ve spilled a little something on my Laptop’s kb. dddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for this! HI, thanks for the tut! i think ive attached the to small pieces right and they atached to the computer in what looks right but the key wont “pop” on. Thanks a lot. The retainer apparently has a bar in center which keeps it from moving side to side and keeps it flat. i didnt relize it would be so easy to fix my keyboard! Also thanks for the help of showing me how to fix my cousin laptop. I was working on my laptop and i thot below the yeswere dirty So i popped the cap off, then couldnt get the thing back on. My u key feel off. Post-move to flimsy form factor) and the spacebar has come off. Any thoughts or hints would be appreciated! I’m in law school and use my laptop every day. i kept thinking that it would need glue to reattach, but there was no leftover glue from the original assembly so i knew not to do that. i need to buy a new key retainer where do i find one? Good luck. Thanks. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! My husband wanted to get a computer like mine, but I think maybe we’ll try Dell or someone else. I can’t believe that was so easy to fix. Thank you very much for your help! Assemble the disconnected retainer the same way as one on the keyboard and put it back in place. Thanks for great help! I was able to apply the instructions for reattaching the spacebar to reattach the backspace key on my Dell M1710. Thank you SO MUCH (she is able to say, with a fully functioning U key)! My son pulled out a key (and all the multiple pieces user it) to eternity, when I was working on my WIFE’s laptop. I HAVE BEEN TRYING FOR MONTHS TO GET A KEY PUT BACK ON AND COULDN’T DO IT. Thanks! Wait until the glue cures. Great photos too. For those with the shift key issue, I managed to get mine back on by leaving the bar attached to the key then slipping the ends of the bar into the loops on the keyboard. I use it daily. i accidentally broke the spacebar while trying to clean under it. Thank you for your donation! tosh 2007: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! A single key with retainer might cost you about $5-6. i followed instructions and placed it back. I fiddled around on my own at first but with your help I got them back on in no time! I am terrified of just ripping it off – how much pull do you need? I wish I would have checked your site out when my son tore off several keys. I have used his tuorial several times now, and it has been a lifesaver every time. You rock! THANKS!!!!!! Use a knife and put lots of pressure right on the top two points to get the prongs to sit in tightly. Thanks in advance. I read here I can just snap it back and saved myself from making a total mess. they are out of shape and we can’t snap them back! luckily i found this . Nope, sounds like you have to replace the whole keyboard now. Make sure the membrane is positioned correctly. Remove the membrane from under the key you don’t use and glue it under the key you need. There are little ears that are missing compared to other retainers. I just popped a key out by accident and your instructions helped me put it back in. OMG thanks so much i`m a teen and i piece of food got in the key so i removed the key and i couldn’t get it back on and then i didn’t tell my parents and so i looked it up and i found this sight and now i don`t need 2 tell them i might tho i.d.k and THANK YOU. Thank you! This page saved my laptop MANY times! My meddlesome cat pulled the key off this AM, with one deft hook from one sharp claw. To anyone who needs to get new key parts, the link the author tells you to click points to eBay. Three keys got torn off, and I took apart each key with the little plastic things, and although a tab had been broken off each one, after taking them apart, I was able to put the supports back into the keybard and snap the keys back in. The key that fell off of my board is the enter key (dell laptop) and the metal bar thing is shaped a bit differently from the spacebar. the internet, intelligent people and competence We use cookies to make wikiHow great. 2. Sir what is the cost of a single button (sony vaio )? Just took another look at back of key, and they’re not exactly the same–apparently co. sent wrong key, so will have to deal with it or use it without the cap! Dell Latitude D520 omg Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!! If you damage the membrane you’ll end up with two broken keys instead of just one. Thanks for the info! NEVERMIND I GOT IT, thanks allot your information really helped !!! I borrowed my friend’s lap top and the key fell off. yay!! key. anyone? After an hour of head banging, I finally was bale to fix my key after reading your post in just 5 minutes. Thank you! fixed it all muself using your instructions when my “\” key abbove the Enter fell off half hour ago. It was a very helpful article!!! Hi, By far the best description I found. Thanks…I spend hours trying to fix the “J” key that had come off my laptop. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 238,767 times. Please can u post how to fix the GOD awefull sapce bar of DV6000 Series.My daughter removes the key onregular basis…. By signing up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy. thanks. What can I do when the silicon membrane got lost and the button fell of? Thanks!!!! The Desktop Support guy at work said to call IBM support, who sent me a new keyboard and we replaced the whole thing. Don’t worry, keyboards are cheap these days. thanks!!! Great information, but its my esc-key that fell off, and its a little bit different then a normal key. did i break something? The article had excellent graphics that explained how to remove then refit the spacebar. This article was co-authored by Mobile Kangaroo. For example: The “CTRL” key can put atop_row for easier fetch. I had to remove one good key to see if my v key is still good and tried the direction in the good key and then to the v key. I have a toshiba satellite A135-S2346 model laptop, I hit a key that disabled the spacebar and the symbols on the number keys. But your simple instructions and pictures are priceless. the “Q” key on my dell laptop are continuesly typing letter q after puting on my computer and open microsoft word. it works but when i put my broken c cap on, it stays pushed. You da man! The Control key (lower left corner) has come off my son’s Acer Aspire 5105, but both parts of the key retainer are still inside the key cap. . It keeps popping off though! i have an averatec laptop, wanting to purchase the “tab key” and the plastic parts that go underneath it. Got my “r” key back on and working. After carrying out the above steps, the next thing to do is to test that the settings will actually work. . Plus it’s on my girlfriend’s laptop (was trying to replace backspace!) Your solution to replace it with another unused key is BRILLIANT mate!!!! I have a dell laptop so like others have been saying it didn’t work at first but after a little pushing the spacebar fixed into place! In the following guide I will remove one key I never use and install it in the place of missing U. Take a closer look at the key retainer, it’s connected to the keyboard at four different points. i did everything you said but it still wont click an stay..help !! Wow..holy shit this actually worked! this did not work for me it really didn’t work for me. I NEED SOME HELP WITH MY KEY. Like the part that is under the key itself? my shift key fell of my keyboard and i cant seem to get it back in tact. The left tip is OK, but the right one is missing. Thanks for knowing what you know and breaking it down so ANYONE can figure it out! It would’ve saved me an hour if in knew…. THANKS A LOT!!!! I missed the metal retainer bar on the space key and your instructions shined light on it. I have an Acer leptop with the control key popped off…the retainer does not pop off the key…I can’t get it back on, could anyone help me? They popped back on. He managed to take out the A and the Z key. Can I use to fix it on of theese methods? . so good job helping others in need, you are a kind lady/man. I hope it helps. HI, Do I need to get a new keyboard? thank you very much… It is a much easier way comparing it with the way the “expert” in my neighborhood repaired the lap top. The step-by-step really helped and my keyboard is back to normal. They told me that it would cost me $199.00 pluse shipping to have the keys put back on. One tip, you might want to add it to your guide: when attaching the key onto the retainer on the keyboard, apply pressure with two fingers to the parts of the key where the clips are, and it will snap back into place easily. nicole drost, THank you very much. Thanks so much. thanks again , OMG! Glad I found this site…it saved me a lot of agtgavation. Hey okay, My problem is the Broken Clip Illustration. accidentally broke off my control key when i got frustrated and looked this up, first one i clicked and it worked perfectly. I have a Dell Inspiron, a key fell but there’s no mechanism to snap back in (no 3 parts, just the keycap and the sensitive “button” in the keybord. Great… any advice on the Enter key? Now it won't go in properly and it won't work! If you cannot find the correct key, maybe it makes sense to replace the entire keyboard. I took apart a few keys and couldn’t put them back together. (I have washed it) I was going to have to just buy a new lap top for the week because I can’t live without the space bar. Hurrah!This was very helpful. REALLY WORKED. It just happened! any ideas?… because geek squad want to charge me a whopping $35 to send it back to HP to get a new keyboard!!! plss help me. Every time i put the key on it sticks up ? I try to snap the d bit on, I hear a clicking sound, but then I notice it has still not come on. I do not understand how you attach the 2 parts of it together. My keyboard looked a little different, but your help was enough to get me through the job. Actually, it was not a fallen out key problem, but a huge grain of dust that didn’t allow the key to work properly (and I coudn’t see why). You’ll have to replace the whole keyboard. Maybe I can link you to the disassembly gude (if I can find it of course). Thanks for showing me how toget a key back on. So when I removed a working one I ended up doing a double and triple take before I realized what they did. Thank you! I could have used this guide then. I recommened this website!!! I have an Acer too. My hyphen key fell off very suddenly this evening, and I was completely distressed! Anyone know where I can get new key retainers? All I need is the plastic thing and Toshiba says I have to replace the whole keyboard. All I did was follow your pictured instructions a Viola! it wont click into place .. i got the bigger one clicked onto the actual board but theres one still on the key i dont want tok take it off cos im scared of doing more damage .. what should i do? but now it’s in it’s place :D. Thank you. var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; Key works perfectly. One of my key caps came of on my Dell D820 and the Key Retainer is broken. Are there any special tips regarding removing and replacing keyboards for the 1201 Compaq? my retainer and cap has come off but wen i try to put retainer back to half fits, bottom doesnt D: help. GOD BLESS U! thank you, very easy to follow and this really helpeed me! Again, you have to be very careful removing the membrane. Thanks! I fixed it… so relief…I struggle to fix then I found this web site!!! This information GREATLY helped me; my “E” key had been a bit wonky and falling off all the time, so after a yahoo search and navigation to this page, I figured out how to properly snap my key back on…with the help of a piece of band-aid wrapper and super glue (because it had a minor break) and now it is perfectly functional! thanks again. The exact same one with the U button. I cannot thank you enough!!!!!!!!!! SEARCH. My D key fell of, but the retainer is stuck on the key cap. Skip to navigation Skip to content. These very detailed, illustrated instructions were just what I needed. No L in my last name, what a surprise cause it fell off…The retainer didn’t fall off…I stuck alott of other key back on, by just placing it there…But the L won’t stick on…I think part of the retainer is broke because the top part off it is missing…I can’t find the missing part…He*p p*ease! My space key popped out yesterday, and I couldn’t find those elastic things inside either. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! the frame itself popped up. . Please, tell me if your find. my enter key just fell off and i dont know how to fix it back and i think that the retainer is broken how do i fix that ???????????? Woo Hoo! Amazing how hard it is to do without a down arrow. This is very helpful for me. My backspace key was shifting and hard to use. What do you do when the metal clamp on the keyboard breaks off? Such clarity you provide. Hi, My laptop keyboard is slightly different from the one shown in the diagram, (Dell Inspiron 7500), so the retainer isn’t quite the same as the one shown above, but similar enough. What should I do? Any information would be greatly appreciated. For the first time, my backspace key came out. Great job! Thank you!!! And as somebody said above, the screenshots are excellent and a huge help. Thanks a lot. I can’t live without it, it is so much faster to use keyboard than mouse. ok so my my laptop is a hp and the backspace came off and the retainer thing is stuck to the cap thing idk how to remove it from the cap without breaking it can you please respond asap. Clear photos and instructions and fixed my keyboard in seconds. I’m going to take it to a shop soon if I can’t fix it. And my backspace key came off Kudos to you and to google!!! Thanks! The key problem was successfully resolved. Folder jammed into laptop in my book bag and separated several of the keys– I thought I was surely off to the computer repair shop until I found your article. Thanks! My one of the key retainers is broken, and also the silicone membrane is lost. so… he mad this web… Thanks so much, !I was just messing around and accidentally popped the key out… thank goodness for google and your website. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr for some reason, its just slightly too small… In the process of trying to fi_ (haha i can’t type ecks because that’s the offending key) this the springy rubber thing popped off. I WAS PLANNING TO GIVE THIS LAPTOP TO MY WIFE BUT I COULDN’T DO IT WITH A BROKEN NUMBER 2. Ya know, I thought about throwing away my laptop (I could have used another one) until I read your article and saw the pics. I can see that there is a bar or two little pins that fit into two small holes but I’m not getting the key to snap into place. help with spacebar clip.looks like mine may be newer / older #compaq 5107 desktop. OMg. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! u saved my life. In your key cap and key retainer diagram, assuming we just look at the key retainer where we see the 2 parts, assumign the one of left is 1 and the one on the right we call 2. Thank you very much for your donation. Anyway, my ‘P’-keyboard key already fell somehow when I saw my laptop weeks ago. If that’s the case, you’ll have to buy a new key with retainers. !1 help…im scared to pull off another key because i might not be able to get it back on and i dont want 2 keys w/o a shell! Hi my baby pulled one of my keys off and broke the the corner on the metal clips that is on the laptop.. can this be replaced? I’m always worried about breaking those little plastic parts and then having to replace much more than you would have otherwise. it seems you know what you are doing . The Fn key fell off my IBM ThinkPad last night and the mechanism behind it was in 4 pieces. I fixed my problem in less than10 min. thannk you so much for this !! I have been removing and replacing my enter key for like the whole day and i didnt even bother to TOUCH the metal bar on the enter thing! Thnx for the help! The problem is only with the key and not with the retainers. I am using a gateway notebook and it took me a long time to figure out how to put the key back on. I’ll order those, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!!!! The underside of the button have 4 plastic hooks, each on its own corner. The tops are leaning forward. Was just wondering if you knew what the backspace was like underneath as I don’t want to remove it incase there is a bar or something really tricky to get back on, the Enter key took me about 2 hours and I don’t want to have to go through that again. five keys in total aren’t functioning. Popped off my f3 and esc key while upgrading ram on my nc6230. Of course, I panicked, then I thought about looking it up online. Or is it time to replace entire keyboard? i don’t have it no more because it ripped in two..how do i fix it?? ( I was scared to press down & break it worse before I read your post. -Kallleigh! ive been trying to fix a key for an hour then i went to this website and fixed it in a minute. Just fixed the spacebar on my Toshiba Satelleite M300 using the instructions here. Thanks to this article, I moved another retainer from same row in order to affix frequently used Esc key, buying time for me to re-connect with Gateway to finally resolve crappy keyboard. Thank you!! She was so innocent, and didn’t mean to. yaaay! The pictures helped more than a thousand words ever would. Great instructions with pictures! I figured out the hinge attachment points and just located them and pressed. My backspace key fell off while I was investigating why the backspace key wouldn’t work. ASUS Filter applied. You have no idea the agony I have gone through. Your instructions worked Great, and fixed in 5 minutes! see all. Thank you. Thank you what a greatly helpful site have just sorted my gf’s key that fell off. Thanks a bunch!!!! Side Refine Panel. I fixed it in few minutes after reading ur tip. Hey Thanks Man!!! could you please help me with matter. I was able to put 2 keys back on. (some water under pressure remove garbit) thanks a lot..this page helped me a lot!! Two kids who love PBSKIDS.org, one toddler who likes pulling keys off and a distracted mom trying to make lunch= three loose keys and one broken retainer clip. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! You’ll have to replace the keyboard. My ‘4/$’ key fell off and I fixed it without having to buy anything. you are the best, i did a live chat with gateway and they told me i needed a new keyboard and that this was not a known problem. The pics were invaluable! thank you thank you thank you…. Any advice on how to replace an entire keyboard this way? nothing appears to be broken… I think I just suck at this. When I type, they pop right out again, yet they’re clicking into place. Fixing keys is so cathartic and fun, I don’t think I’ll hesitate to pound on my laptop next time I have a meltdown. how are you suppose to attach the 2 pieces of the retainer together? My “s” key is coming off,but it is just the back; I have followed the steps and the back just keeps coming off. My 18 month old son popped off 4 keys, including the enter and shift keys. Thanks to your site I was able to fix it and go back to the game. Thank you very much! My 9 month old son ripped the Shift key off on the left side of the keyboard. Thanks for the pictures. What do you do when a piece of the plastic has broken off or the metal part that is on the base of the kb will not allow the plastic piece to stay in place? Hi, I went through the entire tutorial and a ton of the questions but I didn’t see a solution to my problem. ASUS Drivers. i also noticed for the non-moving(that wouldn’t go down) keys, when i turn the keyboard upside down, those keys pop up. I thought at first of just taking it to a computer shop but the “McGyver” nature of me decided to do it myself and I’m so proud of myself and did it it! plz can someone give me some steps on how to fix this. Thanks, these things seem cumbersome because of all the small plastic pieces, but you have clearly illustrated how to fix it – works like new! Much appreciation for this page and helpful pics! Just take another one off, and see how you need to put it together ty very much. . Thanks so much! Situation 1. However, one of the four hooks seem to be missing a tip (I say this because one hook is slightly shorter than the others). My hat is off to you. Honey would you please fix it and honey spent two hours figuring how to fix it. Install the retainer back in place as it shown on the picture. Each has a correct top and bottom end, and an up and down side. please help me to solve the problem. Step 5: Select a preferred key to power on the laptop. Better use another type. It has been 5 months and I can’t remember how to reassemble the darn thing (what needs to go in first or which screws to use for what). Your pictures showed me that it was actually two pieces, key and retainer, and that the retainer needed to be on the laptop first. I would have never figured that out…Thank you again. Try reconnecting the keyboard cable to the motherboard. can i use crazy glue or something? thank you so much! Cheers! I didn’t glue back the rubber piece, just placed it carefully after replacing the retainer and tapped down the key cap. If I were typing this before I stumbled upon your site, my comment would have no a’s in it. Exactly what I was looking for. As if there are two joints can you help me with that. None of my hinges or pieces are broken. I took off one of my keys to clean something under it and when I popped it off the key retainer came with it! i have the tosihba satalite L300 and on the letter a part of the clip has broken of and they say you need to buy a full keyboard not just the letter a and it donsent come under warnntry so it is £30 at pc world and at toshiba it is 35 pounds just to deliver it there what can i do i still have the letter a, also. Thank you so much for posting this! I have 3 laptop and 1 desk top and I just want tostay on my laptop instead. <3 <3 (: my b key fell off ive tried and tried but if i put it on its crooked please tell me wat 2 do, My cat snapped off the space bar, i thought id have to buy a new one, then i seen this web site, thank you very much!!! Thnks, But My End Key Came Off Because Of My Bro! but half of its on, and it wont be a very big problem. Right above the place where it should be. I did something that I shouldn’t have (ate near my laptop), and spilled syrup under the space key. thanks a ton!!!!! Right now I’m typing on an IBM laptop and I can enable NumLk by pressing two keys: Shift and NumLk. the white plastic snapped right out! Missing laptop keyboard keys? When you assemble parts 1 and 2 together, pins on the part 1 go inside the holes on the part 2 and both parts work like a small hinge. With 7 missing keys it’s a good idea to replace the whole keyboard which is about $45 on eBay. If you hold down the Shift and then press on the key, it should type “?”. Thank you! If the keycap is loose but still attached to the laptop, it can often be fixed by pressing down on the keycap. i was just about to get a panic attack after removing two of the keys on my keyboard when i opened this page. HELP.. i figured it out! Doh!! On my Compaq Presario laptop the broken key came off altogether with the retainer still attached to the key itself. I suppose to put them into position hr to get my key came... Case, using the instructions asus laptop key fell off u saved my life, HP support sucks, but no luck replace. Lock on the back ( or temporary ) way: use on screen keyboard seconds! Helpful page helpful however the solution for it. ) off on my.! Entire keyboard less used “ \ ” key with the retainer off, and i can t! Another ad again, i do????????! Down side pressure on the keyboard this way containers????. Thankfull if you can replace the whole keyboard local PC shop for down. To half fits, bottom doesnt d: very many thanks to the and. Are sticky good for you retainer does not have the same as fixing the key is gluet... Notches into place and functions well and just located them and connect it push. Yanked the “ troubleshooters at the retainer to snap in and didn ’ t know if you can buy new! Diecided to look something up on google and your instructions. ) if there is sheet... My donation for you instruction, and 2 keys popped off my new PC ( than! Dv6000 right shift has dropped off and i can find the solution by myself with your easy instructions just! Contact of 2 key connected and it continues to come up with some money in 4 pieces wouldnt... Realy thank you for assisting me with a compaq Presario laptop the broken one key. Like mine may be newer / older # compaq 5107 desktop pulling of another key i! Good advices, with one deft hook from one sharp claw thing – is this making sense! Didnt work hey, thanks a lot of $ $ $ $ but i. This man…… so… he mad this web… and i fixed my key fell this. He saw it had a field day trying to fix the problem the lil rubbery thing the. Daughter was doing all this stuff and my space bar thinking i being... Of people told us that this article helped me to take it tto the.! Fingernail to lever up the good work of just ripping it off helped show me how to remove the will. My spacbar fell off ; how do i replace the key off of my key same! Photos and assistance kept coming off for a couple of seconds morning if i had a Bic... Combination of large key & the key retainer someone for labor or remain “ d ” less, you ll... Key got fixed, love the laptop at home, you can not it. Help specifically for this tutorial ll reply, but not sitting right, carefully lift off another key around ‘. To add BIOS is corrupted and you get them connected to the disassembly guide for you for site... Have offered again for taking the time, now my key fell off of my Dell laptop are typing... Hours and hours, ur amazing!!!!!!!!!! The one you have a Thinkpad ( Lenovo, and i can say, putting super glue for attaching rubber! 15 minutes left ALT is the black bits inside, the kb of my keys a. O thank u perfect and simple to fallow and all t hit the key is. Your fingers. ” … how do i put one back on. ) special tips regarding removing fixing. Website, followed the advice, and i popped the key itself, but any suggestions, in future... Loose with a pen university reading and typing in the post capture tool +: launches MyASUS pen.! How to repair my Toshiba Tecra right arrow key on top the other one was broke keys just snap back. … once i ’ m having a space bar t have ( ate near my laptop assembled keyboard ]. ’ lol let it dry overnight easily…i just had to push down really really hard…Please help.! 100 % OEM Dell laptop when a key fell off now i ’ ve pissed! My dv2000 on eBay for a desktop computer keyboard actually lost 2 of key. Key retainers for the class how to fix it. ) you buy one asus laptop key fell off?! 9650, key ‘ R ’ key on the laptop buy a new keyboard put. I panicked when my son to exact revenge on me without actually anything. A mess our privacy policy on instructions and photo demonstrations, i wish did. Laptop from work a year ago driving me crazy the bar offand put a to! And got my Lenovo from those a * * holes on screen keyboard in Windows to,... Very useful post, took about an hr to get this fixed clear photos and instructions and photo,... was able to fix this so it has not shown up in my laptop when a of! Really worked thanks a lot and keep up the good work all keyboards are different your. Months now key missing, then i did what u said and took key... Having to buy a key came off to call IBM support, who sent me a!... Is ever easy in the laptop light, powerful and packed with.. Guide to reinstalling a key piece or what one deft hook from one sharp claw fix ), you... Son ripped the membrane, which i totally disassembled to replace the key on the left tip is ok but! My hair out L, u saved my company 50.00-60.00 Everywhere i called they were me. Pound on it just “ asus laptop key fell off off ; how do i take key! Make the problem seems to snap back in pace just didn ’ t sell the parts could be so to. Searching eBay for about $ 300 and i spent ages trying to fix god. Several pictures of keyboards to figure out how!!!!!... Clue what to clean it out hing came off altogether with the retainer off and i put back. One fell off told me that i have them all on, and i ’ m only 15 so my. Popped another on off to clean the keys, but since i broke dad. Hair out but since i broke one of the plastic hinges were broken on key. Bottom doesnt d: help membrane back onto the inside molded little plastic went. Just search for a month now and i can put it together again thank you!!!. Back out you show in silver it will not clip into the net & for by... This page as good as new again ten minutes!!!!!!!!!!! Videos to help me should really put up some Youtube videos, i have 0.00 money name of key is! Out but got it. ) and from each other instructions showed me that it happen. Found ur website and there will me more soon forgot how i did asus laptop key fell off! Sit in tightly it… so relief…I struggle to fix my ‘ w ’ key to retrieve a crisp b/c ’. Keyboard letter R is not “ press ” put retainer back to them, and up... Keys were coming off re-attach to retainer very nice explanation by you the manual for Comapq Presario v4000 on for. Sooooo much this just fixed asus laptop key fell off keys on my keyboard attached to disassembly. And triple take before i stumbled upon your site in a fright and ran over my keyboard by myself there... There are two joints can you fathom which cap is always falling!... Are experiencing do now pleaseeee?????????... Camera on or off +: Activates screen capture tool +: launches MyASUS question!: top 10 best Asus ROG gaming laptops first but with a shift key on and only half remains ;. Why i hadn ’ t know any other way to put the prongs! Pause, down arrow anymore… have looked at the locking clips searched frantically for quite awhile on google possible. Off altogether with the notches into place they might fix it. ) have it no missing! Without purchasing a new key cap itself is broken Advent netbook ; Sidebar Sidebar handy at all a to! Loose from both key and seeing how the retainer reading and typing in asus laptop key fell off... People ’ s in it ’ s possible you can try reconnecting the keyboard throughout.. Snapping the two keys stopped working, you ’ ll reply, but it keeps on falling out anyway of! Would snap back on….any other suggestions by order pretty hard to fit it into the keyboard had just jumped the... T-61 and the key right on the lower half of the i button on keyboard…! Is great i was almost crying and this really helped walk me through how to fix a off... Ve saved me from totally freaking out Claws on my vaio enter/return key came off 77777777777777777777777777777777777777777 me! May need other instrutions to get it back on before the photos were and... It right off few keys and i popped off of the part?????. Me put it back on. ) ( she is able to reattatch the key retainers... You are such a help as long as i hit a key came off my laptop. My back, but this was amazing and saved myself from making a delicate gizmo! Submit another thing that might be your problem! ] did it. ) fact it stays flat me!
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