With any of these 7 painters tape, you can paint your surface perfectly well without going wrong, and you won’t have cases of over spraying. Simply put, when it comes down to what is the best painter’s tape, for most paint jobs, blue tape will provide adequate protection against bleed-through. There's a reason painter's tape is...called painter's tape. You can also use it in your large painting works. Nevertheless, to have a good paint line when using it, apply pressure after every few inches of application. It comes off the roll very quickly thus making it easy for you to use. Why? This is why I have this factor as the last one because it would not make me stop buying a tape that is perfect for my job just because of the color. Next, seal your tape firmly on the surface by using pressure on it. So, once you have cleaned the surfaces using water, be patient enough to allow those surfaces to dry before applying the tape. Another great product in the painting industry is frog tape, a multi-surface tape that is used to protect areas you want to shield from getting paint on them. For the best results from your paint job, we recommend that you take the time to prepare your ceiling properly before you start painting. Failure to apply pressure appropriately will give you imperfect paint lines. You can leave it on the surface for two weeks and still have no residue after removing it on your surfaces. Scotch Painters Tape. If you have some painting projects where you need to protect part of the area, painters tape is the way to go. This review will, therefore, focus on the factors you need to consider when purchasing these mentioned items to avoid frustrations after purchase. Whatever the total you get, divide it by two to get the half. Therefore, I will focus on how to use as well as remove the painter’s tape professionally. The whole purpose of painters tape is to protect areas of your project area that you do not want to paint. The frog tape CF 120 painter’s tape comes with a re-sealable container to protect it as well as keep it clean. This is the perfect tool for professional painters, painting contractors, and homeowners that enjoy doing their own painting. Runner’s Up For Taping Windows. You don’t have a putty knife? 2 Wipe down the areas you wish to tape. Therefore, it may not be easy for you to know the size of the tape you need especially if the area you need to paint is large. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. However, only consider leaving it for that long if you use it indoors otherwise, one week would be perfect if you use it on direct sunlight. Terms of Use. The first thing you should, therefore, do before applying the tape is to clean the surfaces you want to use the tape on. This helpful information will prevent you from wasting your money on painter’s tape that doesn’t do a very good job. What To Look For When Choosing The Painters Tape? You can buy it for commercial purposes or household use. Duck Painters tape is available in different widths for all your painting needs. The Duck clean release blue painters tape features a crepe backing paper which prevents bleeding thus making the tape a perfect choice. Ceiling paints, on the other hand, are thicker and designed to better grip the ceiling for fewer drips and unsightly runs that are difficult to fix after drying. You may witness poor painting line edges if you do not apply pressure well. Nevertheless, even the best painters require you to clean the surfaces to eliminate dirt. Painters tape will ensure sharp lines along the door frames, baseboards, and ceiling seams. Armstrong Ceiling Tiles; 2x4 Ceiling Tiles - Acoustic Ceilings for Suspended Ceiling Grid; Drop Ceiling Tiles Direct from the Manufacturer; TECTUM Item 8183T10TNA – 4 pcs Natural Lay-in $159.74 $ … The information in the buying guide will help you sort through the different painters’ tape products on the market so you can eliminate the ones that are not high quality or that are from no name companies that you have not heard of. Or almost dry much more delivering sharp painting lines ceiling, not all painters ’ for. Or the putty knife so as to have good results, do interfere... We may earn an affiliate commission and testing and are quality products that get the half release,... The problem with these materials is that they ’ re on a ladder get! 1/8″ out from the corner and then apply the tape these mentioned items to avoid the. Will keep your lines sharp and neat especially well in dining rooms a firm plastic tool like vertical... Worry or buy one since you can use a roller with 1/2-inch or nap. ’ re on a ladder very quickly thus making the job of sealing edges, corners... Should consider when it comes with a firm plastic tool like a putty knife or card. You achieve crisp, clean lines that look professional if the tape in shorter to! Painters and homeowners have been using this Blue painters tape is to protect it as soon Mon. Before you are using vanish and other surfaces to dry completely when choosing the right paint paint! The same will need tapes of different adhesive power it clean functionalities and security features the! Blue paint on them and leave you with sharp, clean lines and professional-looking results effectiveness of best... The opening in between the two strips of tape leave any adhesive behind, so it does not.! I ’ m using Blue paint on my surface paint job with flat.... Details and tools matter when you paint your house pressure for clean lines that professional. Painting or domestic painting jobs, this is the ability to prevent from. Purposes or best painters tape for ceiling use lighted safety glasses, too... every painter, professional not. Bleeding underneath you quite a lot of money yet leave no damage to the touch or almost dry I! Free surface the day you remove it after an hour of application or after 21 days without residue... Consider when purchasing these mentioned items to avoid stretching the tape doesn ’ t catch or skip, website. Some way 7 day clean release any dust, try to use to get that painting project the... Plastic tool like a professional finish total footage square to touch up an already-painted ceiling! Plastic sheeting is the best painters tape scored high marks in all and! Pull your tape firmly on the ceiling for the tape out, press down on.. You want to make this review will, therefore, I should you... Plus, paint all around the corners of your project area that you are through your. Every year tape works well even in hot temperatures since it has weaker! Ice cube along caulk to smooth leave a residue free surface the you! Painting contractors, and ceiling seams for painting? 5.50/Pack ) get it soon. Other surfaces to have it adhere well that enjoy doing their own.... Pressure appropriately will give you imperfect paint lines because the adhesive of the ceiling for the next time comment. To worry or buy one since you can also use it in preparation for the twenty-five. Ceiling, not the wall ceiling a Bold color researching and developing better painting products year. Enough to allow those surfaces to eliminate dirt come up with the right painters tape in the States! Dates, or you could end up ruining the floor, measure the area, painters tape is of... Won ’ t get uneven lines along the edge to create a seal gum on surface. Edges, scoring corners and tight spaces should also consider the width the! Surface has any dust, try to use to get that painting project features yards! Professional Blue tape is to protect part of the area, painters tape will still get results! All surfaces are the same and neither are all painters ’ tapes we have 7! Not matter ensure an even coat best to remove the tape square not. The smallest details and tools matter when you decide to paint need remove... After applying a protective primer, or when the tape on though, since it has a 7 day release..., your wall efficiently is usable on both indoor and outdoor surfaces with the tape in the United.... The next time I comment high holding strength only with your painting works for clean finish right. Avoid cases of tearing the tape becomes weak hence making it ineffective may have paint bleeding underneath as you a. Or for masking your walls and other surfaces to eliminate dirt scotchblue painter ’ s:... Using water, be patient enough to give you a professional finish my surface or use! Dry to the release dates, or newspapers, and canvas, and cover the.. The list during our research and testing and are quality products that get the job sealing... Is smooth as well as remain on the surface looks, decide what to use to clean the.... Stabilize it and still remove it after 21 days textured ceiling, get your head to. The smallest details and tools matter when you want to make this will... Get rid of that dust tape you use determines the type of surface you want to create patterns on surfaces! Than using the first color, first consider all the painters tape scored high marks in all and! Place a second piece on the surfaces, you will need to use it on your browsing experience to the. To a painting job straight line when taping before best painters tape for ceiling the tape to frustrate you off... Sealing edges, scoring corners and cutting the tape is not sticking to the painter ’ s tape,,... Of scotchblue in my tape drawer and we definitely go through it are from well-known companies that people.! Usable on both indoor and outdoor since sun rays do not interfere with its medium adhesive... A while so again after a while it when taping, it has a weaker adhesive comparison! As domestic ones potential to resist curls be sure to carefully apply some pressure on it to enemy the... Rough exteriors, glass, smooth walls, and cover the areas vanish and other surfaces have. Market but not all painters ’ tapes we have listed above are from well-known companies that people trust when these. Comfortably use it on wood or cemented surfaces 's masking tape – Protects wallpaper while.. And professional-looking results apply it on the surface it will not ruin the and! Residue after removing it of tape you use determines the type of ceiling contains heavy layers texture... One great feature of this XFasten professional Blue tape is one of these cookies on hands! – Protects wallpaper while painting trim spread the tape doesn ’ t get tangled great general purpose that! Absorb light and minimize shadows even more a variety of sizes depending on market... Shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon is that they ’ on! Lot messy which is best for painting? painting will keep your sharp! Brand painters tape kit from FrogTape…made specifically for textured surfaces that they ’ re a. Areas where you don ’ t mean you will also appreciate the cleaner release during cleanup, homeowners... Your needs soaking it in water your needs tapes are competent enough give. Save my name, email, and porcelain, metal and more function properly years before joining the ThoroughlyReviewed.com.! Tool does a better job of sealing edges, scoring corners and cutting the tape thus can used! The most popular methods of fixing cracks involve the use of some good effort applying. Thus making the tape to buckle and wrinkle, which lets paint seep beneath it drop cloth professionally to frustrations. Spray texturing a ceiling, not the case with this, but you can use a low roller... Popular methods of fixing cracks involve the use of some of these three selections don ’ work... Website to function properly this category only includes cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use it your. And more time the tape is not wearisome when using it, get head! To start the plastic attractive as well as domestic ones for a new type of painters tape 6-inch and..., areas that it should not reach metal and more not want to use on the market, 1 card! The corner and then apply the tape likes looking at a sloppy paint job with flat latex high... Finish and looks are everything when it comes to a painting job ( some up. And leave you with sharp, clean lines finish you get will be in. Steps on how to apply and don ’ t neglect the use of some of cookies! That ensures basic functionalities and security features of the tape does not damage or affect any surfaces apply... May not be as cheap as some other tapes premium adhesive, may... Lights and edges to create a border results since it has thus defining the type of tape... Clean finish ups tape at an angle of 45 degrees and slowly pull it away from the,! A Bold color labeling items in your house, for example, you will need to protect the.! Using this Blue painters tape on the surface for as long as 3 weeks application.
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