Close Day


Balancing the drawer made simple

Core features:

  • Automatically displays the totals for cash, check, and charges per employee
  • Verifies the amount of sales for a day
  • Records the number of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and bills for automatic calculation
  • Computes deposit summary showing actual cash to deposit along with deposit total
  • Records overages and shortages for management
  • Warns when customers are still checked in the salon to avoid errors

Why this is good for your business:

  • Say goodbye to accounting mistakes, end-of-the-day hassle, and employee stress
  • Say hello to a quick, accurate, and simple drawer-balancing
  • By allowing the balancing to be done throughout the day rather than after the salon has closed, the Spa/Salon Manager makes closing the day a snap
  • It greatly simplifies the process of counting the drawer and verifying the sales that have been entered for the day

How it works:

  1. Close Day is done nightly to verify the monies collected for the day
  2. It takes just a couple of minutes to complete by using the Cash Helper that counts cash in the drawer
  3. Checks and credit cards are checked using the Verify Monies section
  4. It allows you to print out a Close Day Summary showing totals for each employee along with deposit information

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