Switching from Another Software


See if The Spa/Salon Manager fits your business better than your existing software.

“I’m frustrated with the lack of support with my current software”
Our support model is new to the spa/salon industry. We don’t leave it to you to try to describe the issue to the tech guy. Instead, our engineer views your screen and solves the issue for you. You don’t have to remember what instructions to follow. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch on your screen how your situation is being resolved.

“I can’t find the functionality I need in my current software”
The Spa/Salon Manager offers a wealth of features. It offers so many features that most businesses don’t use all of them. Many use only select features that work best for them. If you can’t find a feature you need, our engineers will work on implementing it.

“I’m concerned about the time it would take to adapt to new software”
We will set up The Spa/Salon Manager complete with everything you need to work for your specific business, even before you pay us a dime. We’ll tailor the settings to precisely fit your day-to-day needs. We understand that switching software may seem overwhelming, so it’s our #1 goal to make switching as painless as possible.

“My employees can’t use their handheld devices for work”
The web-based version of Spa/Salon Manager allows your employees to use their iPhone, HTC, Blackberry, or any other handheld device instead of a dedicated work computer. Any device will do, as long as it has a built-in web browser and Internet access. Spa/Salon Manager Online also enables you to manage your business from anywhere, while ensuring your data is stored safely, and only you can access it.

“My customers can’t book appointments online for weeks ahead”
The Spa/Salon Manager allows your customers to book, reschedule, and view their appointments online. While the customer is still in your spa/salon, employees can book future appointments with this customer weeks in advance.

If one or more of the above statements describes you, it’s time to sign up for a free trial.


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