Credit Cards


Take the bite out of high cost credit card processing

Core features

  • The Spa/Salon Manager processes credit cards through Gravity or Clover Payments
  • Integrates directly into your Spa/Salon Manager program
  • Quickly process credit card transactions
  • Supports tips
  • Supports Booth Rental with charges going directly to their account

Why this is good for you business

  • By using the integrated software in conjunction with the “Customer Check Out” screen you can quickly and easily process your credit card transactions without delaying your clients or staff unnecessarily
  • You will no longer need your credit card terminal or credit card receipt printer

How it Works

  • When completing a sale in The Spa/Salon Manager, type the amount in the credit card area.
  • A credit card screen appears to allow the credit card to be swiped.
  • Click Authorization Receipt
  • When the sale completes, a credit card receipt prints for the customer to sign.
  • Add any tip amount.
  • Press “Save” to complete the sale. The whole process is completed in about 6 seconds.

How to Get Started

  • Contact Gravity Payments at 800-989-2135 (ext. 325)
  • Apply Online – Gravity Payments
  • Contact Clover Payments at 877-948-9733 (option 1)
  • Apply Online – Clover Payments
  • Identify yourself as a Spa/Salon Manager customer for group rates.
  • After reviewing and signing a merchant agreement, call us at 800-682-2998 (ext 2) to configure The Spa/Salon Manager with credit card setup

Is it required that I process credit cards
from The Spa/Salon Manager?

No. You can process credit cards using any merchant services.

Can I process credit cards in The Spa/Salon Manager
with my current merchant service?

No. The Spa/Salon Manager is certified with only Gravity Payments software.

Is the service available for Canadian customers?

Yes, Gravity and Clover Payments  work in Canada.

What credit cards can I process?

Gravity Payments supports all major credit cards including American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa.

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