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Making it easier to run a successful business.

Since 1985.

The ultimate spa/salon organizer.
Getting what you need done is not a matter of guessing at whether a certain function exists in this software. Spa/Salon Manager has so many features that only a few of our enterprising customers use all of them. If you’re looking for a particular feature, just give us a call and we’ll show you where it can be found in the software and how to use it.

All the functions you need. None of the functions you don’t.
When we do a custom setup for you, we’ll do all the work on choosing the right set of features for your business. There are no useless features. Just the features you’ll find irreplaceable in your day-to-day operations.

The ease of use that’s been polished year after year since 1985!
From day #1, Spa/Salon Manager was made for the customer. Over the years, we’ve listened to feedback from our customers. We’ve been constantly improving our software to make it do all the work you need, with least effort on your part.

Redefining “instant” support.
When you call in with a question or problem, our engineers can view your screen (with your permission) and resolve most situations in minutes.

One year of unlimited support for free.
Our free support doesn’t end with your free trial. It continues for a whole year. It’s truly instant, and truly helpful. We don’t just focus on making software. We focus on making our software work for you.

Customize your entire business management at the click of a mouse.

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