Make the most out of your mailing.

Core features:

  • Pulls up custom mailing lists based on a variety of criteria
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Direct integration with the built-in email and word processor
  • Extensive reports, including lost customers and dollar-volume-by-zip-code analysis
  • Support for custom labels printed to attach to post cards for each category of customers.

Why this is good for your business:

  • The Mailing Menu provides access to your best referral sources and customers who value your services most
  • Split your list of customers into different categories depending on what products or services they purchased, where they are located, what employees worked with them, when and how often they visited your spa/salon, and more.
  • Cut down on wasted mail and make your campaigns more profitable
  • Save more on postage with the One Per Family option.

How it works:

  1. The mailing reports work as a subsection of the reporting feature
  2. Choose the report type and set the targeting criteria
  3. Get instant access to a specific customer category of your choice
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