Online Backup — Stand Alone Only


Online Backup provides the safety of backups being
sent to an offsite computer and verified each morning.

  • Your backups are sent directly to our server
  • Have peace of mind that your backup is stored at a different location
  • Backups are verified each day
  • If your Internet is down, we will contact you to perform a backup
    or to send the backup manually


Q. What if my Internet goes down?
A. IBCS will contact you if we are unable to receive your backup. Once your Internet is back up and operational, we will download your backup to our computer. If your Internet is out for an extended time, you will need to make manual backups until it can be repaired.
Q. How many backups are kept at IBCS?
A. We keep one week of backups. One for each
day of the week.
Q. What is the cost of Online Backup?
A. $249 per year.


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