Fast & Simple Point of Sale

Core features:

  • Customer Check-In – contact information capture and verification, tracking of new client sources and gift certificates, advanced text input, sticky notes, one-click access to customer profile, appointment and purchase history
  • Customer Check-Out – integration with customer check-in, support for multiple payment methods, bar-coded items, retail credit, discounts, next
    appointment booking
  • Family Check-Out allows you to choose one person to pay for a family or group of people and keeps track of each ticket until the last customer in the group is checked out
  • Fast Retail option provides a quick retail purchase where the customer name is not recorded

Why this is good for your business:

  • More happy customers who want to come back more often thanks to the experience your spa/salon creates. A quick check-out, as well as capturing customer information at the right moment, when the customer is not rushed – all add-up for a better experience.
  • Fewer unhappy employees thanks to the experience the Spa/Salon Manager software creates, with minimum effort required every step of the way. Services and products are automatically added from the appointment book. Customers who have checked in are displayed automatically. The total bill is calculated automatically, along with applicable taxes and discounts. No retyping. No mistakes. No stress. “Just click the name on the screen, and the job’s done!”
  • Enjoy a healthier, more effective business with first-class client information management, better cash flow thanks to simplified upselling, and easy appointment booking for
    weeks ahead.
  • Less hassle in preparation for payroll calculations with automatically calculated daily and employee totals, advertisement effectiveness analysis and inventory information.

How it works:

  1. When a customer arrives for an appointment, the receptionist uses the check-in feature.
  2. All information about the customer and the services is automatically transferred to the check-out phase.
  3. After the service is delivered, the receptionist may suggest booking the next appointment.
  4. If you have retail buyers who prefer to stay anonymous, we’ve got you covered. Such purchases can be processed in seconds, without recording the customer’s name, while still capturing sales statistics.


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