Keep track of work done for each of your clients,
every time, in detail

Core features:

  • 12 predefined + 2 custom card types
  • Unlimited number of cards per customer
  • Extended card format for storing pictures and notes
  • Automatic printing of card info on work tickets.

Why this is good for your business:

  • Creates a more comfortable work environment for employees who no longer need to rely on their memory for each customer’s service history
  • Makes returning customers more loyal to your spa or salon by providing better service each time they come in
  • It’s easy for you to swap employees in case of sickness, vacation or other, while keeping the clients happy
  • One central location provides instant access to all clients’ technical cards.

How it works:

  1. Choose services performed for this specific customer today
  2. Enter technical information for each of the services, along with optional comments
  3. Enjoy the ability to exchange and access this information later on, at any time you need it.

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