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Gift Cards without the Fees

Gift Cards without the Fees

Almost every bank and credit card processor offers plastic gift cards for sale to salons and spas. Many do a good job at providing a quality service but for companies using our Spa/Salon Manager software that service isn’t needed – you can do the same thing through our program with no fees!

The way these bank gift cards work is that they go through a separate box kept at the front desk and add/remove balances through there. Because of that, the banks have to charge you per swipe to offset their costs. When you use the bar-coded plastic gift cards offered by our company, there’s no communication needed with another program. The program stores all balances within the program so we don’t have to charge a per-transaction fee. Best of all you can even reuse the gift cards once a customer has used up their balance – as long as the card looks good you can use it forever!

All you need to get started with our bar-coded plastic gift cards is a bar code reader for each computer that will be running gift card sales. This reader is the same one that we use for inventory sales in our system so if you already have one you’re ready to go. Then you can contact our sales department to order your customized cards. Judy will work with you on creating beautiful cards that you’ll be excited to sell to your customers!

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