Custom Coding – Making our Software Work for You

No software program is perfect for every single person that uses it. As a developer I strive to write software that makes my customers’ jobs easier, that does what they need without coming between them and their customers, and does all of this while maintaining an aesthetically appealing appearance. Obviously though every customer is going to have different needs and sometimes those needs don’t fit into our base program. That’s why we offer a great service to our customers – Custom Coding.

The first step in making the software work for you is contacting our support department. Bring your suggestions for the program to us and we’ll discuss the best way to accomplish your goals. Often there’s a feature in the existing program that will already handle what you need done. Even if there’s not, we’re always looking for great new ideas to add to our base program. There’s a good chance that an idea that would benefit the majority of customers will find its way into the base program. There’s no charge for any of this – it’s just our hands-on way of providing a quality program.

There are times though where an idea is worth adding but would either add too much confusion for businesses that don’t need the feature or it could be an idea that would make a huge difference for one particular company but isn’t applicable in other businesses. In that case there’s still an avenue available to getting those features into the software – Custom Coding. We charge $95 / hour and will tell you up front what the bill for a feature would be. We’ve customized the software for many different business and we know our program well so once we have a detailed description of the new feature we can let you know whether it’s something we can do and if so what the price would be for the addition.

One major area I’ve seen our Custom Coding service help salons is in pulling customized reports. Adding a custom report – especially one for which all of the information is already available on other reports – is one of the easier projects for us to do and therefore it’s often inexpensive. I’ve seen several businesses that struggled with the process of filling out forms for accountants, suppliers, or any number of other third parties. Once we took the time to provide them with a customized report they took a couple minutes to print the customized report, emailed it to the person, and saved hours a month on pulling up several reports every week and filling in paperwork by hand.

Whatever it is that you need in the software never forget that we’re not just a software company – we’re here to make the software work for you. Our Custom Coding service is just another way that we can help you run your business efficiently and keep your focus where it belongs – on your customers.

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