This is an exciting time to be working at IBCS making The Spa/Salon Manager software and part of that excitement is the opportunity to reach out to our customers in ways that simply weren’t available or widely used in the spa and salon industry in the past. With so many of our customers active on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and the many other social sites on the web I felt it was important to broaden the scope of what we do here and help to put a face behind the name on the phone.

My name is Bob Hoyng and I’ve been working with IBCS for over 16 years now. I love the work we do here – the combination of creating great new software products and services while at the same time getting to talk one-on-one with our customers every day. We’ve got a wonderful new web site now, our newsletter will be updated in the next few days, and not to ruin a great surprise but the next update will be coming very soon as well and will have some amazing features for customizing the look of the program.

I’ll be posting here as we have more interesting news to report (or as I get randomly excited about a new feature I’m working on) but in the meantime, we always love hearing from our customers! We’ve got a variety of technical support or sales phone numbers and you can always contact me directly at bob@spasalon.com. My official SpaSalon twitter account is @bob_spasalon and if you’d like to see my random musings outside the office you can follow me on Google Plus, Twitter, or Facebook.

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