Switching to Cloud

For those of you not already familiar with our Cloud software, take a minute to read my previous blog post Why Cloud?.

It’s been less than two years since we released the Cloud version of our program and it’s taken off beyond even our expectations.  At this point almost 20% of our current customers are using Cloud! There are far more salons and spas out there that could benefit from our Cloud program but haven’t made the decision to switch yet. Hopefully this post will help remove some of the roadblocks to making the switch.

Many salons feel that they don’t have the time to switch over. We remove almost all the work though by setting up our server ahead of time for you. We’ll transfer your backup after you close for the day, prepare your log-ins ahead of time, and in about 5-10 minutes per computer we can have you up and running on the Cloud. There’s no wait – we can have you switched over in time for your next business day.

Most existing peripherals (printers, receipt printers, etc) work with the Cloud. Pretty much any Windows-based printer will still operate correctly. The Epson Receipt printers as well as the cash drawers that integrate with them will work. And you can even use your Pin Pad devices with X-Charge’s credit card processing.

The ACH billing for the Cloud software is safe, secure, and much less of a hassle for our customers than credit card-based billing. You don’t have to worry about letting us know when you get a new credit card or a card is expiring. The billing happens automatically every month without any extra work on your part.

The costs of our Cloud software are more for some of our customers – although I highly recommend taking the time to contact our sales department for a custom quote to see if the Cloud costs more for you or not. Even for the customers that would be paying more though the benefits to going Cloud have made it worth it for a large number of our current salons and spas – a number that’s growing every day.

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