New Feature – Check SpaSalon Email

As a service to all of our Cloud customers and all installed customers with current contracts we offer a free email address. We also offer many ways to check the replies to those emails – using the built-in email on your smartphones, Outlook, automatic forwarding to another address, and even our own web interface called WorldClient. We still needed one last part though – direct access to those emails within the SpaSalon Manager program. With the new Check SpaSalon Email button we’ve added that access by integrating the easy to use WorldClient web site into our software!

For any customers that don’t have their SpaSalon email directly forwarded to another email address all you need to do is update your program. The update is already there for our Cloud customers. Once you’re on the newest version of SpaSalon you can go to your Send Email button at the top of the screen and chose the Check SpaSalon Email option in the bottom-left of the screen. The program will launch a built-in web browser which will take you directly to WorldClient and immediately log you in. Once there you will have full access to WorldClient just as if you had logged in through the web.

There are some limitations on what you can do – for safety we’ve disabled any external links within the emails. Other than that though you’ll have full access to read the replies from customers, send replies back to them, and handle anything that you used to do through WorldClient.

For customers that do have their email forwarded already but would like to use this feature just contact technical support and we’d be happy to help set you up with either WorldClient only or using both the forwarding of emails and WorldClient.

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