CSS File for Online Booking – Technical Resource Only

For web developers that would like to enhance the look of the online booking to match their customer’s web site we have incorporated a file called Online.CSS. This file allows for the modification of the look of the online interface.

The system supports…

Font Family Support command p, h1,h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, td, form, input, label {font-family:sans-serif}
Font Size p, h2 {font-size: 98%;}
Background Color background-color: rgb(0,0,0) – Black
Color black;
Link Color text-decoration: red;
Link Remove Underline text-decoration:none;
Menu Options – Remove Underline a.menu {text-decoration:none;}
Menu Color a.menu:link {color:white}
Menu Visited Color a.menu:visited {color:white:}
Booking Menu – Remove Underline a.BookingMenu {text-decoration:none;}
Booking Menu Color a.BookingMenu:link {color:white;}
Booking Menu Visited Color a.BookingMenu:visited {color:white;}

The css file location should be saved on the hosting server to allow easy access. The file location would have to be emailed to us to enable the feature.

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