Premium Online Booking

We’ve often had requests for new features for the online booking. As we responded to those requests the online booking has grown – from the entire employee access section to new methods for booking groups we’ve added more and more value to the online booking.

There’s been a few requests that we haven’t been able to add to the regular online booking due to their complexity and setup requirements. We’ve now implemented enough of these features that we’re offering them as a new option – Premium Online Booking.

Premium Online Booking includes all the great features of our regular Online Booking as well as the following new options:

  • Full Tech Card Viewing – We now have support for showing your technical card information in the Employee Access section. As always, you can choose whether to allow this on an employee-by-employee basis as well as whether you want to turn this on for the salon or not. With this feature turned on the technical cards that show up on your work tickets will also show up when you click a customer’s name on your schedule. You can also choose how many past cards you’d like to show, whether that’s just the last card or as many as possible!
  • Service Pre-Pricing – Allow your service providers to make additions or corrections to the list of services and prices for the customer’s visit. These changes show up automatically when the customer checks out with the front desk.
  • Time Card Access – We’ve also added the ability to have employees clock in and out through their mobile apps. Depending on the setup of your salon’s internet and WiFi setup it could be possible to limit this to only be accessible when the device is connected to the salon’s WiFi which means the employees could only use it to clock in when they were on site. If you’re interested in this feature don’t hesitate to contact us for help in determining if your network and internet can support the on-site only portion of this feature.
  • Custom Online Booking Links – Normally we set up a single customer booking and employee access link for each salon but sometimes that’s not enough. Many times booth rent employees would like a link for just their customers to use. Sometimes a salon might want to have a separate online booking link for their mobile device users so that they can customize the appearance for smaller displays. Whatever the reason you need it, we now offer the ability to create additional online booking links that are customized for your needs! Each one of these links can have its own settings so you can have only certain employees show, only certain services, change the color scheme, or change any other settings in the online booking.

All of these features are available for an additional $25 / month – call us today to get started!

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