Integrated Credit Card Processing Pros / Cons

I’ve had many people ask why we offer integrated credit card processing.  My belief is that the advantages far outweigh the single disadvantage.

To use credit card processing you will need a credit card swipe (one included free with sign up) and a receipt printer.  The cost of the receipt printer is the only disadvantage, but from my experience the cost savings from the lower service fees generally pay for the receipt printer in a few months.

Now to the advantages…

  1. Once entered into the computer you don’t have to retype the information into a separate terminal which can lead to mistakes.
  2. Processing a credit card takes about 6 seconds including the time to print the receipt. Quicker processing leads to better customer service, since you are not waiting on the credit card machine. Why is it faster?  Credit card processing on the computer is done through a direct connection to the Internet. No phone line is required (saving you money) and it works instantaneously.
  3. Credit cards can be stored in the Vault. The vault is a secure way of keeping a customer credit card number for later use. Once a card is stored only the last four digits are displayed when the customer is checking out allowing you to choose that stored credit card.
  4. Due to various credit card laws never type a credit card number into the Spa-Salon Manager to be stored as a sticky note or in the customer profile in plain text. The fines are $10,000 per instance. When the card is Vaulted the information is encrypted to store the credit card.
  5. Rental salons can have the monies directly deposited to the renters account for their sales. They pay their own fees and you don’t have to disperse the monies.

I hope this explains the benefits of the Integrated Credit Card Processing. Accelerated Payments handles are credit card processing and one of their team members can be contacted at 888-413-1125. Make sure to tell them you are with the Spa-Salon Manager to get our group rates.

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