Online Booking and Employee Access

Ever since its release 12 years ago our online booking has been helping salons and spas reduce the workload at their front desk while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction. We have many satisfied salons and spas using the online booking now, both to put up that ‘Open Sign’ 24 hours a day 7 days a week as well as to increase their own employees access to their appointment books. I’d like to take a moment to explain the benefits and dispel some of the perceived pitfalls of online booking.

The number one concern I hear from salons and spas looking at the online booking relates to privacy. They want to make sure their customers won’t know when they’re in, when they’re not, or how busy they are. Our online booking never shows that information to your customers. Instead, customers pick their services, dates, and if desired a requested employee and are given a selection of times that would meet their needs.

The only other barrier for most salons is the price. For customers using our installed program the price is $65 per month and for our cloud customers it’s $30 per month. When you consider the amount of time savings involved – the reduced calls to the front desk, the reduction in number of computers needed to support a staff that can easily view and book their own appointments on their smart phones or home computers, and the possible reduction in necessary front desk staffing during slower times of day – you’ll end up saving far more than you spend on the online booking fees.

So why use the online booking? The high level of customization offered ensures that you only give your customers and your staff the level of access you want them to have. You keep complete control of your book by opening up only the options you want people to have. At the same time, there’s a huge amount available to both customers and staff.

You can enable your customers to book and cancel their own appointments. You can allow new customers to join your business’s mailing and email lists. You can send interactive confirmation emails that mark customers as confirmed only if they click the confirmation link in the emails.

For your staff you can have them view their schedule, book and cancel appointments, adjust their books to mark off or open time up, and can even allow them to do those things for each other. The online booking is secure, flexible, and gives your customers and staff the ability to stay connected to your business whenever they need.

Lastly, we’ve made many improvements over the years to the look of the online booking. We can now make the online booking a seamless part of your existing web site and provide your customers with the same quality aesthetics you have in your current site. And for salons that don’t already have a web site we can develop one at a very low cost and then host it for you at no additional charge.

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