Exciting Changes for Paging and Online Booking

There’s been a lull since my last post and with good reason. I’ve been working on some exciting additions to the Online Booking for the past week and I’m very excited to unveil them here!  I’d considered making multiple posts as there’s simply a ton to cover. However, since all the changes are so tightly tied together I’ll cover them in sections here. The first section will cover changes made to Employee Paging within our base software. The second section will cover changes made to both the Paging and Emailing within the Online Booking. The third section will cover our exciting new Online Booking feature – Customer Reviews. As always, please contact us with any questions and we’ll be happy to help you get started with these great new features!

Employee Paging

Our Employee Paging feature is a great part of our base software that allows employees to receive text messages notifying them about events within the salon.  As I mentioned in last week’s post employees can now receive text messages when they receive an intercom message, when customers book same day appointments, when customers check in, when customers book any appointments, as well as a message each morning with their starting time and earliest appointment. 

In addition I’ve now added the ability to receive a text when a customer cancels. I tied the cancellation option to the appointment notifications so if you opt for same-day messages only then you’ll only get same-day cancellation notices. If you opt to receive notification on all appointment changes that will extend to cancellations as well.

Employee Paging was a wonderful feature but the more I thought about it the more concerned I became that certain employees might miss out on these great benefits because they didn’t have a cell phone that allowed them to receive text messages. To address this problem I’ve added an ‘Email’ option to the list of Text Carriers in Paging. Choosing this option will allow you to enter an email address in place of the Cell Phone Number. You’ll then receive all the same notifications in your email instead of as a text message.

Online Booking Emails/Text Messages

I’ve added a feature that was honestly long overdue – the ability for Online Booking to send out emails. Using this new ability I’ve extended the Paging feature to Online Booking. Now when customers check in, when you receive intercom messages, and when customers book or cancel appointments employees that have set up their Paging options will receive the proper notifications.

In addition, Online Booking will send notifications to clients confirming that they have successfully booked and cancelled appointments. There won’t be any more guesswork about whether they finished their booking or not – they’ll get an email right away letting them know that they have completed their changes.

Customer Reviews

I can’t say enough about how excited this change makes me. The most important thing any service company can do is listen to their customers. The new Customer Review section of Online Booking makes it easy for your customers – and only your customers – to leave feedback for your business, for your employees to respond to that feedback, and for your web site to show the praise your customers give you! In my most recent post I covered the technical aspects of this feature. As a more simple explanation, once you contact us and turn on the Customer Reviews section your customers will see a Purchase History / Customer Review link instead of the old Purchase History link. They can click there and leave reviews for any services in their history. Employees to whom you grant access can then log in to their Employee Access and reply to those reviews, approve them, or in the case of inappropriate comments delete them. Lastly, I’ve added a highly customizable web site plugin that will allow your web site to display the reviews you’ve approved in a variety of attractive formats. With some assistance from someone familiar with Facebook you could even add your reviews to your business’s Facebook page.

As I mentioned, I’m very excited about these changes. The ability for the Online Booking to send emails when appropriate greatly extended what we can offer to our Online Booking customers. I see that as an area that will continue to grow as we identify more needs for our salons and spas. Extending the Paging to more and more situations as well as providing the opportunity to use that service for non-cell phone users will also allow us much more flexibility in how we keep your staff plugged in to the software. And I’m hoping the Employee Reviews takes your customer service and retention to new levels. These are all exciting changes and I look forward to your reaction as I’d love to see them pushed even further – offering more and more ways to stay in touch with your customers and in control of your business!

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