Storms – Another Reason for Cloud Software

In my earlier posts Why Cloud? and Switching to Cloud I covered a lot of information about our Spa/Salon Manager Cloud software. The recent rash of storms have illuminated some other benefits that I didn’t cover though that definitely deserve attention. Specifically, I’d like to take some time to look at how a Cloud salon would deal with the storms versus a non-Cloud.

When the power goes out for a non-Cloud business there’s only one option available – move the main computer to somewhere that has power. Sometimes this can work. Occasionally it’s possible to use a generator or UPS power backup device to power the main computer temporarily. Beyond that though there would be no Online Booking access for customers, no Employee Access for employees, and no way to send out an email to customers letting them know that your salon is closed due to a power outage. As a best-case scenario you would keep your power to your main computer long enough to write down phone numbers for customers, then call them back with a cell phone to let them know you’re closed. As a worst-case you would have no access to your information.

When the power goes out for a Cloud business you have many more options available to you. Because your main computer does not store your information it’s still available to anyone that still has working internet. This could be an iPad, Android Tablet, or even a smartphone. Worst-case you could call us to have us look up your information for you. If you needed to send an email to customers notifying them of a closure you could do it from anywhere and even if you had no access we would be able to send the email for you.

We just had this exact situation come up on a tech support call yesterday. We had a customer that had no power and wanted to let their customers no they would be close through Thursday. Unfortunately, we couldn’t help them. They didn’t have Cloud, we didn’t do Online Backups for them, and they couldn’t bring a copy of their backup to a computer that had power. Because we had no access to their current information as we would have with Cloud or even a copy of their information as we would have with Online Backup there was nothing we could do to help.

These situations are obviously rare. They’re a small part of the decision-making process when it comes to choosing the right software option for your business. But when the lights go out in your salon, knowing that your software will still be running will make the entire situation less stressful and give you one less problem to fix.

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