Getting More with Less Paper

Our owner Kent’s wait for his new electric car got me thinking about ways you can use features in our program to cut your paper use, help the environment, and at the same time make it easier to use the program. We have a lot of features that help reduce paper usage – I’d like to cover some of them here.

We have many salons that print a Close Day Summary every day. You can print these reports at any time though – there’s no need to print the report for a paper record. Also, our Cloud owners could get access to the report from their home computer any time from any of their connected devices. While it’s just one piece of paper a day it’s one piece that a lot of salons end up throwing away once they print it.

Printing work tickets takes a lot of paper. Some salons will want to continue printing these as they do provide valuable information. However, it’s possible to work around the need for these work tickets – especially if you have extra computers on the floor for staff to use. Rather than using the work tickets to look up customer history, employees could use an extra computer on the floor to look up information as they need it. In addition, the Pre-Price feature allows service providers to enter any add-on services or pricing changes from a walk-up computer instead of writing them in on the work tickets. It saves paper and prevents mistakes at the front desk.

Printing schedules takes up a lot of paper as well. We offer a few ways you can do without paper schedules. First, walk-up stations allow employees to see their appointments – including new changes that a printed schedule could miss – without paper and without walking to the front desk. In addition, the Paging feature of the program allows employees with text-capable phones to receive notifications for any schedule updates. Finally, both the Cloud and Online Booking features allow employees with smart phones to see their schedule directly on their phones. These options are far more powerful than a printed schedule and give another opportunity to cut your paper use.

Lastly, the powerful Send Email feature in our program can help you cut both costs and paper usage by replacing some of your print advertisements with email marketing. You can easily send out your email marketing to all customers with email addresses and then target your print marketing to only go to people you couldn’t reach by email.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head for reducing paper usage with the program. There’s so much you can do now without using paper. Between our Online Booking, our Cloud program, and the Paging feature you can extend access to the program to a variety of devices which will reduce your reliance on printing. You’ll save money and in a small way help the environment as well.

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