SpaSalon Manager – Now on Facebook!

Ever since we rolled out our new website back in May we’ve been looking to put more and more information about our program and our company where our customers can see it.  We want you to get to know us as well as how the program operates. That entire time we’ve worked hard on something behind the scenes and I’m very happy to announce that we’re now ready to unveil our company site on Facebook!

When we first discussed creating a Facebook page we were hesitant. We have so much great content on our new web site that there were questions about whether we could create something for Facebook that could add anything to what we already had. Once we got started though the answer became clear – we had a lot to say that didn’t lend itself well to showing on a traditional web page.

Our Timeline page allowed us to tell the story of our company in a way that a simple web page could not. You can see the story of our company from its founding in 1985 to the present day illustrated in pictures. We have our newsletters, pictures of manuals and other materials from the early days of the business, as well as pictures of our employees and business owners that worked with us at our trade shows. They work together to tell a complete story of our business as it grew from Kent Crabtree writing a program for his parent’s salon in 1985 to the business it is today.

Our Home Page section pulls together parts of our current web page like the blogs, the sign-up for a free trial, and links to our support and sales pages. This should make it easier for everyone to find exactly what they need. In addition there is a Training Videos section there where we give the same type of step-by-step support we offer over the phone to everyone on Facebook. Our growing list of videos give simple instructions that both teach new users how to use the program as well as show what each part of the program can do for you.

I hope you enjoy our new Facebook page! Give it a look, Like us, and feel free to leave comments! I’ll personally be very active on the site and look forward to hearing from you there.

Last minute addition: We now have a business twitter account, @spasalonmanager. Feel free to contact us there!

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