Online Gift Card Sales

As I wrote back in June, the Spa/Salon Manager program makes it easy to sell gift certificates to your customers without dealing with the per-transaction fees that banks and credit card processors charge to load and redeem their gift cards. We have extended that same ability to your website allowing your customers to print beautiful gift certificates directly from the web. Best of all your employees don’t have to handle the checkout process or the shipping!

To make all of this work you’ll need a few services in place first. Online gift certificate sales are part of our Online Booking service so you’ll need Online Booking to start selling gift certificates online. You’ll also need a shopping cart account from CartManager – we’ll help you get signed up for an account with them, get everything set up correctly, and you’re ready to go. Finally, you’ll need a way to process the payments that come in to CartManager – ChargeItPro is a great choice that also integrates with the Spa/Salon Manager point of sale features.

Once you’re set up with these three pieces in place we’ll work with you to prepare custom artwork for your printable gift certificate. It’s even possible to use more than one gift certificate picture which allows you to switch up your artwork with the seasons or with special offers that come up. A good web developer will be able to design a site for you that includes different gift card packages with different artwork for the cards or you can have us make your web site for you.

We also offer the ability to sell discounted or bulk gift cards. You could set up a sale of five $20 gift cards for $80. You could offer a free $20 gift card with the purchase of a $100 gift card. The system is flexible enough where you just decide a final bill amount and a face value for each gift certificate and your web developer can easily make that special available to your customers.

Call us today to get started with Online Gift Card Sales.

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