Employee – Online Access

We’ve upgraded the Spa-Salon Manager – Employee Online Access. A calendar has been added for most devices making the date selection much easier. In addition, we reduced the number of screens to simplify the whole process.  The examples below show how the new system works on an iPhone.  Android is similar except the pop-up choices appear in the middle of the screen instead of at the bottom.

To get started, the employee must enter their name as it
appears in the Spa-Salon Manager program and their


If at the salon only the first name is entered
into the Spa-Salon Manager only enter the first
name to 
access the Employee Online Access.

Select Show Scheduled Appointments. The Show Scheduled
Appointments shows the employee schedule for the day
along with the ability to book and cancel appointments.
Each salon controls if the employee has the rights to book
or cancel.

Select the desired date for the schedule.

To book a customer click Book Appt at the desired time.

Enter the customer name to be scheduled.

Select the desired service or services.

The automatically fills in the proper schedule time, but
gives you an option to override

Once completed the appointment is booked and immediately
shows on the mobile device and the salon schedule.

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