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Archive for May 2012

Open/Close Day

Probably the most common support question we’re asked is on how to open and close days. Surprisingly this isn’t just a question we get from our new customers. Often it comes from customers that have been using the program for awhile but find that they’re having trouble […]

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Why Cloud?

Ever since we released the Cloud version of our software we’ve been looking for ways to explain why and when Cloud Software makes sense. We’ve gone so far as to start working through our customer list calling every one of our customers to look at their business […]

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The Importance of Backups

We try to beat this into the ground as much as possible and this blog’s a great spot for another reminder – if you’re not doing backups in your Spa/Salon Manager program then you need to start today! I talk to a lot of people doing technical […]

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About Us

Fueled by our infinite passion to better address the needs of our customers, we've been adding to the simplicity and depth of the Spa/Salon Manager since 1985. Today, our most advanced version wraps all the Spa/Salon bookwork into a beautiful package that is exceptionally easy to use.

Premium Features

Here are just a few of the many premium features you get with the Spa/Salon Manager system: