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Great News – We’ve upgraded our Email Server / Web Site Server

IBCS recently completed the upgrade of the Spa-Salon Manager email server and web sites. Utilizing the latest hardware, we replaced the standard hard drives with solid state hard drives (no moving parts). We sped up the email blasts and web pages and dramatically increased the server’s reliability. […]

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New Email Feature – Email Footer

The Send Email feature of our program has always allowed you to send links and pictures. With a bit of work outside the program first you could even send full web pages. What the program lacked though was a way to automatically include certain links and pictures […]

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Email in The Spa/Salon Manager

We’ve added several new features to The Spa/Salon Manager lately that need email support. When I went back in to look at our records though we had many salons that hadn’t taken advantage of everything our software offers to people with email accounts. This seems like a […]

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About Us

Fueled by our infinite passion to better address the needs of our customers, we've been adding to the simplicity and depth of the Spa/Salon Manager since 1985. Today, our most advanced version wraps all the Spa/Salon bookwork into a beautiful package that is exceptionally easy to use.

Premium Features

Here are just a few of the many premium features you get with the Spa/Salon Manager system: