New Email Feature – Email Footer

The Send Email feature of our program has always allowed you to send links and pictures. With a bit of work outside the program first you could even send full web pages. What the program lacked though was a way to automatically include certain links and pictures on every email that you send out. That’s why we’ve added our newest feature to email – the Email Footer.

The Email Footer page, which is available under Maintenance -> Internet Marketing, makes it easy to create an attractive email footer. First, we’ve given you space to type in a slogan, extra information, current specials – whatever text you’d like to add to every outgoing email. Next, we’ve pulled together a custom set of logos for various social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Yelp, and LinkedIn – as well as logos for your Home Page and Online Booking. These logos are all sized so they can fit together on a single line and link to any of these sites that you use. You enter the address for each desired site and the Spa/Salon Manager takes care of the rest. Finally, we added space for up to three text-based links. These could be links to other partner businesses, your own newsletters hosted on the web, or any other links you’d like included at the end of every email.

With just a few minutes of setup you’ll be sending attractive emails that tie your social media presence directly to your emails as well as providing more options and information to your customers. Best of all, this is another free service included to all Cloud and Maintenance Contract customers! As always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact support.

Rolling out in June 2014 we’ll also have the ability for all links to instead point to email addresses and automatically pop open the recipient’s email program to send an email to whatever address you’d want them to access. For instance, if you wanted to add a link to have customer feedback emails you could go to the first User Defined Link line and replace the left-hand side with Customer Feedback Emails. On the right-hand side you would put your email address for feedback formatted in a special way. For example, if my address was I would put the following on the right-hand side: This will allow you to send not only links but also email addresses to your customers at the bottom of every email you send out.

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