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We’ve added several new features to The Spa/Salon Manager lately that need email support. When I went back in to look at our records though we had many salons that hadn’t taken advantage of everything our software offers to people with email accounts. This seems like a good time to explain how our email service works, how to tell if you have email set up through us, and list many of the great features that our email service can open up to your business. Email support within the program is a free service we offer to all customers that have either an active Maintenance or Cloud Contract. In order to allow you to send emails to your entire customer list at once we create an email account on our own email server. This prevents issues with various email providers refusing to send out your emails due to some arbitrary limit on the number of people you can send an email to at one time. We set up each business with an email address that ends in and then offer a choice of either checking that email address directly or having all responses forwarded to one or more of the employee’s current email addresses. Your customers will see the emails coming from your business name and can reply to those emails. It’s a seamless process that ties our software’s email capabilities to whatever email addresses you plan on checking. Checking whether you’ve set up email with us already is an easy process. Simply go to Maintenance and then hit More Choices until you see Internet Marketing. If you have the Internet User Name complete then you’re ready to try your email. To test whether your email is functioning correctly you can go to Customer Display, pull up your own name, make sure your email address is on the correct line, and click Send Email on the screen. You’ll then be able to write an email to yourself and check your email to verify that Spa/Salon Manager is sending the emails successfully. If you’re not yet set up or have any problems sending the email contact our support department and we’ll be happy to get you ready! The Spa/Salon Manager has an extensive list of features that it now supports for our email-enabled customers. This list keeps growing as we see further opportunities to use this no-cost feature to improve the way our program helps you manage your business.

  • Email marketing is a snap with Spa/Salon Manager. You can easily send emails out to all of your customers with email addresses. Adding a picture is as simple as clicking a button and selecting the picture from your computer. You don’t need to export customer lists, integrate with other products, or place extra phone calls to another company. Simply click the Send Email button, select Send Email to All Customers, and click Continue…then you’re ready to create your email!
  • Our email marketing also uses our powerful Mailing Reports to make it easy to do targeted emails. It’s easy to create an email list directed to one specific group of customers based on a variety of filters.
  • Spa/Salon Manager sends many emails out for you automatically. You can set up the program to send nightly emails including appointment confirmations, reminders, birthday greetings, new customer thank you’s, and text message reminders for appointments.
  • Once you’ve set up an email address with us it’s easy to start using our paid service Email Artwork by IBCS to send out professional quality advertisements to your customers.
  • The Paging section of Spa/Salon Manager (discussed in the first part of this blog post) offers the ability to use employee’s existing cell phones to create a robust paging service that replaces expensive pagers or mood-killing audio paging systems.
  • For our online booking customers the system will now send a variety of automatic emails. This includes messages to the customers to confirm successful booking of appointments as well as full integration with the paging system. For all of our Cloud customers we’ve already set this up for you. For our non-Cloud online booking customers please contact our support department so we can make sure you have these new features available to you.

As you can see, the email features in the Spa/Salon Manager program offer a lot of powerful tools to your business. It’s included with your Maintenance/Cloud Contract, it’s easy to set up, and there are no per-email fees associated with it. It’s the perfect way to stay in touch with your customers while saving money. If you haven’t already set it up call us today to get started.

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