New Cloud Feature – Taskbar Replacement

Our Cloud software has been very popular but many of our existing customers that recently converted to Cloud brought up an important question – How do we switch windows like we could with the installed version? Unfortunately the Cloud version of our program removed the Windows taskbar that allowed users to switch between open windows. We made changes to make it easier to use the program without that option but the frequency of that question lately made it clear we needed to make a change.

So we pushed up our sleeves, got to work, and created something that in many ways will work out better for our Cloud customers than the old Windows taskbar. Our taskbar replacement targets the specific main windows we feel are the most critical to our program – the main screen, Appointment, Appointment Detail, Check In/Customer Display, Check Out, Customer Payment, Verify Monies, Close Period, Paging, Inventory, Salon Use, Reports, and Maintenance. A few important that users can’t minimize such as Close Day were left off of the list but we feel that the above list will allow users the flexibility they had to switch back and forth between the various windows in our program without having that list cluttered with all the extra windows that the Windows taskbar added. As an added bonus the tabs on the taskbar will always show in the order I listed above regardless of what order you open them in. This makes it easier to find the window you need and to quickly switch between all open windows.

We will be updating all our Cloud servers over the course of the next week or so with this great new feature. Please contact us with any questions or problems. This option will also be available to our customers that are using their own in-house servers – simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you set this up for your own server.

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