Aveda Master Spreadsheet

Filling out paperwork takes up a lot of time for most businesses. There are tax forms, employee reviews, accounting information, as well as information required by various partners and distributors. We’re always looking for ways we can save our customers time in that area. That’s why we’re very excited to unveil the Aveda Master Report.

We created the Aveda Master Report to make filling out this important information for Aveda much easier. In the past getting the information on this report required several different reports from our program as well as several different time frames for each one. It also required manually entering this information into Aveda’s spreadsheet. With the new Aveda Master Report you just need to select your dates (Aveda requires a full year, 1/1-12/31), click Continue, and wait for the program to generate the data for the Aveda Master spreadsheet. When it’s finished generating the data the program will pop up instructions for getting the results to the Aveda Master spreadsheet. Basically this just involves opening the Aveda Master spreadsheet, selecting the Paste Here tab at the start, clicking on the first cell (A1), and clicking Paste. Once you paste the information the Aveda Master spreadsheet will automatically fill in all the information on the DATA Entry Page.

Our new Aveda Master Report will save you a ton of time! As always, don’t hesitate to contact support with any questions.

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